Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Hola Familia,
This week it has rained alot. Last Wednesday we had to walk through a road that was basically a river. The water came up to our knees it was really fun, especially when it rains that hard the sewage overflows and it smells bad, and the roads turn into rivers. The members left with us a bunch last week we had 33 lessons with members it was really cool, and now that they have left with us they are making lists of people that we can go and visit it is something to help them see the joy in missionary work. So now we are going to have a lot of work to do with all these references.
With all the rain that we had last week the house really leaked. It is really nasty now. We live in a cave basically it is making cave formations and now that it is somewhat dry it is going moldy. It was nasty we made a pizza for dinner on sunday but the dough didn´t have time to rise so it was really hard and flat. My companion made some juice but he used a gallon instead of a liter of water. So while we were eating cardboard with ham and cheese and slightly flavored water. Sitting there while the ceiling dripped orange brown drops on us we just had to laugh. But now it is drying out, and luckly it doesn´t leak where we sleep or where we study or where we cook.
We should be moving soon the new house it finally done we are going to do the paper work today hopefully and then when the office elders come to help us move. Transfers are next week so hopefully we will move in this week because next week it will busy.
The work is going alright we have a couple of really good investigators and some that are taking a while, but the work is going good. We are working really hard talking to new people and leaving with the members.
We were in a lesson with a lady and after the lesson we asked if she would offer the pray. It was really funny. She said in her pray ¨I can´t go to your church Lord because I am in a different religion¨ We just were thinking well if you know that this is the true church why do you go to the other church. We also saw a boy riding a bike down the road and a little girl was swinging a hoop and the boy rode right into it and got nailed in the head it was really funny.
But everything is going well over here. I hope that everything is going well over there too. I love you all and hope that you have a great week. Congratulations Rachael on getting asked to prom I hope that you have a fun time. It is a little weird thinking about you going on dates but I guess you are old enough, and I still can´t believe that you can drive now. It is just weird to think about. Keep working hard. I hope that you have a great week I love you all very much!
Love Elder Cannn

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