Thursday, March 29, 2012


Hola Familia
This week has been a lot better! My burns are healing a lot faster then I have every seen. Thanks for all your prayers.
The baptism went really well, Sandi was baptised by Elder Hernandez. We had a lot more members that came and participated. The only thing that was a pain is that in sacrament meeting the bishop anounced it at 6 and it was really at 7 so we were in a lesson and then they called and asked where we were, and what was going on. So we had to run over to the church for the baptism.
We had a conference with President and the assistants. It was really good but now we have some new rules that are hard to apply everyday. They want us to meet 10 new people everyday, and teach 20 lessons with members and leave to teach investigators with 10 different members. So some of those are hard to do especially in a busy day and trying to talk to ten new people, but we´re trying to do it. Hermana Lee talked with my companion because we called her the next day. President talked to me about the house and I told him that we are still living in the same house. So now the office elders are coming tomorrow to see the house that we want to live in.
The work is going forward. Yesterday it was really sad we went and visited Jaden, the american boy, and he is so excited to be baptised, and then later yesterday we went to teach his little brother because he wants him to also hear the lessons. When we passed Jaden was just crying. We asked him what happened and he had just been beaten up by a gang. He had been hit with a rock and punched in the stomach and choked. He finally let it all out in english, so I was the only one that could understand. He gets beat up almost everyday at school and there is a gang with a 25 year old as the leader and everytime he goes down to see his little brother he gets beat up by this gang. It is because he doesn´t have any family here. The lady that he is living with doesn´t have any compassion for him and really he doesn´t have real friends because he is american. So he is all alone. I shared a scripture and told him that he could call me day or night and I would come and talk to him and that his Savior loves him and that we love him. It was really hard for me I just wanted to sit there and cry with him. I don´t know what we can do yet, we are going to talk to the lady one of these days to see what we can do and how we can change the situation.
Elder Hernandez and I are getting along. Sometimes it is hard because he does´t talk in some of the lessons, but because of it my spanish is getting better. It is really busy trying to get everything done that we need to in a day, but we get what we can done and just keep working trying to be better.
We had an exchange that went well. I was with Elder Afatasi he is awesome and we had an awesome time together.
Sorry I don´t have a lot of time to talk to you, but I hope that you receive the letters and stuff that I sent in the mail and I hope that you really enjoy conference. I hopefully will be able to watch it in english, so that is exciting. I love you all. I sounds like tyler and rachael are doing a bunch with the elections and everything and that joshua and allison are having a blast. Zions looked really pretty and wow two teeth that allison has lost she needs to stop kissing all the boys. Well I love you all and hope that you have a great week, and good luck with the elections.
Love Elder Cannon

Thursday, March 22, 2012

3/21/12- Baptism and Burned

Hola Familia
This week has been a bit of a challenge. First on saturday we had the baptism of Felix so we went to the church saturday morning to clean the font and get everything ready, and all the locks on the church were changed. We called everyone that we had numbers to that would have keys, and nobody answered. They had all done to the temple for the entire day. The bishop had had all the locks changed the night before and he was the only person with the new keys and he was at the temple, and wasn´t going to get back until late saturday night. So we called president Lee and he called the stake president and we got a number of a guy that had all the keys to the churches in santiago. We had to wait at the church for about an hour and then he gave us our own set of keys. That night for the baptism all the members were gone so nobody was at the baptism. It was just the four missionaries of cien fuegos and then Felix and two of his brothers and a family friend. The electricity kept coming and going every 5 min and it would turn of the generator every time it came back so that was a pain. It started 40 min late when the mission leader who was conducting finally came and we had the baptism. I was able to baptise Felix because he wanted me to baptise him. Sunday we left all night with Felix to teach other investigators and at the end of the day me and him just talked for a while and he was asking a ton of questions about serving a mission and what he would have to do. He is 24 so if he wants to he would have to do it quick. That night when I was cooking I went to drain some water for mac-n-cheese and there was water on the floor. I slipped and the boiling water went all over my arms and part of my chest. I just got in the shower ( a bucket with a cup to pour it on yourself). It really hurt that night. We called Hermana Lee on monday and we had me buy a cream to put on my arms and that seems to be helping a lot.
It is different working with Elder Hernandez. It was sad to see De Leon go it really hit me the next morning. He really talks a lot and tells a lot of stories, but I guess that is helping me because stories are the hardest to understand and the hardest to tell. So that is helping me out. I have noticed that my spanish is getting better because I have to talk spanish all the time, except when we are with other missionaries.
We have another baptism set for this saturday. It is another brother of Jesus Cabrera his name is Sandi. He is doing really good and is excited to be baptised this saturday. We also have another two brothers that are getting ready to be baptised in the coming weeks so that is exciting. The Transfer is looking good and we are going to be doing a lot of work.
To answer the questions. Yes we are still living in the same house but we don´t have rats anymore De Leon and I fixed that a long time ago. We are still working on moving. Elder Hernandez is alright and we are getting along. My spanish is getting better, but I still have a long way to go. The places that we have picked out to move in are from nice to ok so they will be better then the house that we are living in now.
I hope that Tyler does great in the campaign this week and that he is able to become the next Student President! Joshua and Allison sounds like they did a great job with their talents. Keep working on your talents. I hope that when I get home that you will play me that sound and Allison will sing me that song. I hope that Amanda keeps getting better, and that Rachael keeps up on her homework. Sounds like everyone is doing great! I sorry that you still have a cold running through the family.
I love you all and hope that you have a Great week good luck and get better all of you!!
Love Elder Cannon

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

3/14/12- New Companion

This week has been great!
This was the last week with Elder De Leon, and we really had a fun time! We were able to leave with a lot of members, and this week we had 14 investigators at church which is now the record for De Leon´s mission. We played pitia in the house with the other missionaries of cien fuegos last week which was a blast. Last transfer was so much fun and we had a ton of memories, and I learned a buch!
I am still in Cien fuegos, and my new companion is Elder Hernandez he is from El Salvador and speaks only spanish, he says that he understands a little bit of english, but that is about it so I´m going to have to speak more spanish and it will really help my spanish skills go up. This transfer is going to be a bit more work, I just have to stay firm. He only has two transfers left so I can´t let him get lazy. He really likes to talk so that will also help my spanish.
This week we have a baptism planned it is the younger brother of Jesus Cabrera so it has been really cool seeing one of our converts want to share the message with his family and now we are teaching two of his brothers and Felix is going to be baptised the end of this week. A family of hard core catholics finally went to church and now hopefully they will be more accepting and willing to progress, for right now they are reading the book of mormon and that was why we kept going back. One of their daughter was starting to like De Leon and he wasn´t doing anything, but we will see now that he is gone. It is really exciting to see how they progress form the start to the finish. The area is going great and we are finding more people that seem to have a lot a potential so hopefully they just keep coming. We have a guy that really wants to be a member of the church and is doing everything that we have asked him we talked about the law of chastity and he talked with his girlfriend and now he is fasting with us to get work off to be able to go to church.
This week I happened to be the lucky one to get the chicken foot in my meal so I had to eat it. It isn´t that bad the only part that is weird is when you suck and chew the tendons from the toes, and so far my favorite thing that I have been feed is the juice. It is all natural and they juice it right when they make it so it is always really fresh and good. We had some weird sardine rice with beans. It wasn´t bad it did taste a little different but not bad. The worst tasting thing has been some really bad tuna that was just nasty, and the thing was is that we made it, so we didn´t end up eating it.
I´m glad that everything at home is going ok and that Amanda and Hazen are doing much better. I hope that joshua and allison are trying out for the talent show I hope that they make it and can go on to the next round! Tyler now has a job! wow everything at home is changing for the better it sounds like! I hope you all have a great week and I love you all tons!!
Love Elder Cannon

Monday, March 12, 2012


This week has been Great!
We left with luis gomez and he really liked leaving with us. We have also gotten a bunch of new investigators that are looking really good. There is a family that is just ready to be baptised that just moved into our area. They have been taught by the other missionaries for a couple of months and he has a testimony, so they have a date for a couple weeks from now. We also found a white kid living here, and he is in a really rough situation, but he is really receptive, and is from the mission where Adam Riley is, and may be going back there in a couple of months. We have been working pretty hard and we are loving it here.
This is most likely my last week with my companion, transfers are next week and he is most likely going to leave and I will most likely stay here and get a new companion that will come here. So it is exciting and sad at the same time. I just hope that I get a companion that really likes to work.
I got burnt yesterday it isn´t too bad. We were going to go to Rufino´s house and help him clean up, but he wasn´t there so we walked to try to find a reference that we got. We asked people and walked where they told us the barrio was, which was like a mile out there and a mile back, and it wasn´t the area. Because I was in a t-shirt I got burnt in the area between my white shrit and my t-shirt.
Jesus Cabrera invited us over and he and his mom showed us how to make some domican foods, the domican style which was really good to learn and it tasted really good too! We had a awesome time.
Some stuff that happened that was great. We were at Sagrario´s house and after the lesson she gave us juice and crackers. There were tiny bugs in my juice, and at first I was just looking at them and she noticed and asked me if there was something in my juice. Right away I said no and started drinking it. Right after that she really opened up and started asking us how she could help her son. she explained the situation and with tears in her eyes most of the time she asked us how she could go about it in the best way possible. We sat there for a while and talked about it with her. After the lesson we were just talking with her for about an hour, and it was amazing the way that the spirit works. We are trying a couple of stuff to get her son more involved in the lessons and hopefully in the church. I hope that we have a chance to talk with him a little. Most of the time he isn´t ever there I have only seen him twice. I just hope that we can help him the best way that we know how by sharing the gospel with him.
Well I am out of time and have to go. I just wanted to say I hope that Amanda is on tract to feeling better. Good luck tyler in the president campaign. Allison that is really cool that you lost your first tooth. Rachael thank you for writing me. And Joshua I hope that you keep going with school and piano I have heard that you have gotten really good. Thanks mom and dad for everything. I love you all and hope that you guys have a great week! Love
Elder Cannon