Monday, March 12, 2012


This week has been Great!
We left with luis gomez and he really liked leaving with us. We have also gotten a bunch of new investigators that are looking really good. There is a family that is just ready to be baptised that just moved into our area. They have been taught by the other missionaries for a couple of months and he has a testimony, so they have a date for a couple weeks from now. We also found a white kid living here, and he is in a really rough situation, but he is really receptive, and is from the mission where Adam Riley is, and may be going back there in a couple of months. We have been working pretty hard and we are loving it here.
This is most likely my last week with my companion, transfers are next week and he is most likely going to leave and I will most likely stay here and get a new companion that will come here. So it is exciting and sad at the same time. I just hope that I get a companion that really likes to work.
I got burnt yesterday it isn´t too bad. We were going to go to Rufino´s house and help him clean up, but he wasn´t there so we walked to try to find a reference that we got. We asked people and walked where they told us the barrio was, which was like a mile out there and a mile back, and it wasn´t the area. Because I was in a t-shirt I got burnt in the area between my white shrit and my t-shirt.
Jesus Cabrera invited us over and he and his mom showed us how to make some domican foods, the domican style which was really good to learn and it tasted really good too! We had a awesome time.
Some stuff that happened that was great. We were at Sagrario´s house and after the lesson she gave us juice and crackers. There were tiny bugs in my juice, and at first I was just looking at them and she noticed and asked me if there was something in my juice. Right away I said no and started drinking it. Right after that she really opened up and started asking us how she could help her son. she explained the situation and with tears in her eyes most of the time she asked us how she could go about it in the best way possible. We sat there for a while and talked about it with her. After the lesson we were just talking with her for about an hour, and it was amazing the way that the spirit works. We are trying a couple of stuff to get her son more involved in the lessons and hopefully in the church. I hope that we have a chance to talk with him a little. Most of the time he isn´t ever there I have only seen him twice. I just hope that we can help him the best way that we know how by sharing the gospel with him.
Well I am out of time and have to go. I just wanted to say I hope that Amanda is on tract to feeling better. Good luck tyler in the president campaign. Allison that is really cool that you lost your first tooth. Rachael thank you for writing me. And Joshua I hope that you keep going with school and piano I have heard that you have gotten really good. Thanks mom and dad for everything. I love you all and hope that you guys have a great week! Love
Elder Cannon

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