Wednesday, March 14, 2012

3/14/12- New Companion

This week has been great!
This was the last week with Elder De Leon, and we really had a fun time! We were able to leave with a lot of members, and this week we had 14 investigators at church which is now the record for De Leon´s mission. We played pitia in the house with the other missionaries of cien fuegos last week which was a blast. Last transfer was so much fun and we had a ton of memories, and I learned a buch!
I am still in Cien fuegos, and my new companion is Elder Hernandez he is from El Salvador and speaks only spanish, he says that he understands a little bit of english, but that is about it so I´m going to have to speak more spanish and it will really help my spanish skills go up. This transfer is going to be a bit more work, I just have to stay firm. He only has two transfers left so I can´t let him get lazy. He really likes to talk so that will also help my spanish.
This week we have a baptism planned it is the younger brother of Jesus Cabrera so it has been really cool seeing one of our converts want to share the message with his family and now we are teaching two of his brothers and Felix is going to be baptised the end of this week. A family of hard core catholics finally went to church and now hopefully they will be more accepting and willing to progress, for right now they are reading the book of mormon and that was why we kept going back. One of their daughter was starting to like De Leon and he wasn´t doing anything, but we will see now that he is gone. It is really exciting to see how they progress form the start to the finish. The area is going great and we are finding more people that seem to have a lot a potential so hopefully they just keep coming. We have a guy that really wants to be a member of the church and is doing everything that we have asked him we talked about the law of chastity and he talked with his girlfriend and now he is fasting with us to get work off to be able to go to church.
This week I happened to be the lucky one to get the chicken foot in my meal so I had to eat it. It isn´t that bad the only part that is weird is when you suck and chew the tendons from the toes, and so far my favorite thing that I have been feed is the juice. It is all natural and they juice it right when they make it so it is always really fresh and good. We had some weird sardine rice with beans. It wasn´t bad it did taste a little different but not bad. The worst tasting thing has been some really bad tuna that was just nasty, and the thing was is that we made it, so we didn´t end up eating it.
I´m glad that everything at home is going ok and that Amanda and Hazen are doing much better. I hope that joshua and allison are trying out for the talent show I hope that they make it and can go on to the next round! Tyler now has a job! wow everything at home is changing for the better it sounds like! I hope you all have a great week and I love you all tons!!
Love Elder Cannon

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