Thursday, March 29, 2012


Hola Familia
This week has been a lot better! My burns are healing a lot faster then I have every seen. Thanks for all your prayers.
The baptism went really well, Sandi was baptised by Elder Hernandez. We had a lot more members that came and participated. The only thing that was a pain is that in sacrament meeting the bishop anounced it at 6 and it was really at 7 so we were in a lesson and then they called and asked where we were, and what was going on. So we had to run over to the church for the baptism.
We had a conference with President and the assistants. It was really good but now we have some new rules that are hard to apply everyday. They want us to meet 10 new people everyday, and teach 20 lessons with members and leave to teach investigators with 10 different members. So some of those are hard to do especially in a busy day and trying to talk to ten new people, but we´re trying to do it. Hermana Lee talked with my companion because we called her the next day. President talked to me about the house and I told him that we are still living in the same house. So now the office elders are coming tomorrow to see the house that we want to live in.
The work is going forward. Yesterday it was really sad we went and visited Jaden, the american boy, and he is so excited to be baptised, and then later yesterday we went to teach his little brother because he wants him to also hear the lessons. When we passed Jaden was just crying. We asked him what happened and he had just been beaten up by a gang. He had been hit with a rock and punched in the stomach and choked. He finally let it all out in english, so I was the only one that could understand. He gets beat up almost everyday at school and there is a gang with a 25 year old as the leader and everytime he goes down to see his little brother he gets beat up by this gang. It is because he doesn´t have any family here. The lady that he is living with doesn´t have any compassion for him and really he doesn´t have real friends because he is american. So he is all alone. I shared a scripture and told him that he could call me day or night and I would come and talk to him and that his Savior loves him and that we love him. It was really hard for me I just wanted to sit there and cry with him. I don´t know what we can do yet, we are going to talk to the lady one of these days to see what we can do and how we can change the situation.
Elder Hernandez and I are getting along. Sometimes it is hard because he does´t talk in some of the lessons, but because of it my spanish is getting better. It is really busy trying to get everything done that we need to in a day, but we get what we can done and just keep working trying to be better.
We had an exchange that went well. I was with Elder Afatasi he is awesome and we had an awesome time together.
Sorry I don´t have a lot of time to talk to you, but I hope that you receive the letters and stuff that I sent in the mail and I hope that you really enjoy conference. I hopefully will be able to watch it in english, so that is exciting. I love you all. I sounds like tyler and rachael are doing a bunch with the elections and everything and that joshua and allison are having a blast. Zions looked really pretty and wow two teeth that allison has lost she needs to stop kissing all the boys. Well I love you all and hope that you have a great week, and good luck with the elections.
Love Elder Cannon

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