Thursday, April 26, 2012

4-25-12- New House and Companion

Hola Familia
This week has been pretty good. Today is transfers so now I have a new companion. His name is Elder Guerrero and he is a dominican. He is pretty good so far, he has slept a lot, but he did make lunch for the both of us, because with Elder Hernandez I did basically all the cooking. So that is nice. This is his last transfer so I hope that he still have some energy to continue working. He said that he really likes to work, but we will have to see. Hernandez it was hard at times, but I learned a lot and this transfer according to what everyone has told me is going to be about the same, so we will have to see. But because he is going to die here I will stay here for this transfer and the next one at least. So that will be 3 more months in Cien Fuegos. 
So Afatasi left today, but Elder Barrus came he is from my group he is now in the other part of cien fuegos so that will be nice to be able to have someone that I know. 
This week we moved into our new house, which was a hastle. I did a lot of the packing Hernandez would do the things I told him but he wasn´t able to do things on his own other then his own stuff. When we moved Afatasi and Olguin came and helped us along with the office elders. We moved in Friday night, so we didn´t get to bed until late. The house is a lot nicer then the other one and it has a breeze that passes through it which is extremely nice. The only problem is that the outlets don´t work in the main room and the bed room so we need to talk to our renter. It was really hot one night with no breeze and extremely humid and without fans it is really hard to sleep. 
This week it has rained a lot so we have had to walk through a bunch of mud and we get pretty wet. We have been working a lot and leaving with the members a lot lately. Last sunday was Stake conference it was alright it was hard to hear because I was in the back so I wasn´t able to get a lot out of it, but Jesus cabrera got the melquezedec (have no idea how to spell that right now) Priesthood so that was pretty exciting. 
We have a couple of really good investigators right now. One Angelo is girlfriend just lost their baby and she now lives next door to him. So we are teaching her and trying to talk about marriage with them. We are teaching a family that have been reading and praying a lot. They were a reference of Felix Cabrera and they are progressing really well, they have three kids, but aren´t married we talked to them about that and they are willing if the church really is true. The husband Yoel has been looking for the true churchand is really reading the book of Mormon so that should be really good. Sagrario is still reading and working hard. She is having trouble with coffee but is trying and it is coming slowly.
Well I will talk to you soon. I will try to figure it all out this week about what time and using what. I´m glad joshua did so well at the recital and I hope that tyler and rachael know how smart they really are and that they are going to do great on these tests! But I love you all and hope that you all have a great week!
Love Elder Cannon 

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