Thursday, May 17, 2012


This week has been pretty good and really tiring. My companion is alright the only thing is the little things about the culture that I have no idea about, but he is now telling me about them. He doesn´t like it when I ask hardly any question like with is that expecially with food, so i am learning more about the culture and he is teaching me to cook some domincan food. He is alright he has a lot of goals to keep him focused as he finishes his mission, and so far he is working really hard to finish them all. 
We have done a bunch of service this week my companion I don´t know how he does it service just finds him. We lifted a truck out of a mud hole, we put in a concrete floor in a house of some investigators. We helped move a pile of dirt into a house of a member, so that has been pretty good, and it has only been a week with him. 
Putting in the concrete floor was pretty interesting they do it all hard labor and then to add finish it they sprinkle this color stuff in it and then work it in the surfice, so that was pretty cool to learn how they do that.
This week we talked with our new neighbors and got to know them, we came to find out that our neighbor is a member that isn´t active and hasn´t been active for a while, they all had a lot of questions for us so we talked for a while and answered their questions, we have a lesson with them this weekend I think that we are going to watch a church movie to motivate the less active and also to invite the spirit. We don´t know which movie we are going to watch yet, but it should be good. 
Our investigators are doing pretty good Sagrario has a lot to do with school she is studying to be a lawyer and is now doing her theme so it is hard to find time to share with her. She is also trying to stop drinking coffee which has been tough but she is doing it little by little.
We are teaching a guy with only one leg and he is diabetic I think it is hard to understand medical terms in spanish. He has trouble remembering things, but he really has a desire so go to church, but recently he fell on his stub his whole body right on his stub and it has only been 7 months since his amputation so that he been a struggle for him, but we are trying to find a way that we can get him to church this week. He lives in the maze of allyways that are in our area so we can´t get a car to him, but he has a motor cycle but can´t drive it alone.
We are singing is the choir this week to help them with a performance this week end or next. So i have been helping with the piano. It is hard to stay on tune when the people around you are exactly on tune. I think it is helping me sing better and louder, so that is good. 
Well I am looking forward to talking with you guys on Mother´s day. I hope that you are all doing well especially with all the tests and finals during this part of the year. I don´t need anything that I can think of my clothes are still good so don´t worry about that. Joshua could be in charge of the movie list he would do a good job at that. I love you all and hope that you have a great week this week I love you tons!
Con amor 
Elder Cannon

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