Thursday, May 17, 2012


Hola Familia
It was so great to talk to you all on Sunday. You guys really are the greatest family in the whole wide world. I´m glad to hear that you are all doing so great! It was great to be able to see you and hear all your voices. It seems like just last week I talked to you guys for Christmas. The time is flying by. I love you guys so much!
So this week. I told you about the huge down pour that we had to walk through. It was pretty nasty walking through the water up to the middle of our thighs, because it was probably full of garbage and sewage, but it ended up being a great day talking with the investigators and everything. 
So this morning my companion really wanted to walk out to the country part of our area and look for mangos to pick. So we asked around and found out that we needed to follow this canal. So we went with the other elders of cien fuegos and with Ricky a recent convert and we followed the canal. They told us not to cross the canal. so we kept going and going. Then the trail just ended and we had to bush wack it. Here there are a ton of bushes and trees with spike things. Elder Barrus was in shorts and his legs got pretty scratched up. When we finally got way out there the people said that all the ripe mangos had all fallen in the down pour and all the others were really great so they weren´t any good yet. So we just walked back to the house, but it was pretty cool to see a lot of the area and country around my area.
This week has been pretty good. We have two baptisms planned this weekend. It is the baptism of two kids. Yocasta and Saul. It has been hard to teach them it is hard for them to remember the things that we have taught them and Saul is really timid and shy around people. So we have been teaching them for a long time and we have planned their baptisms for this saturday. They are really excited to be baptised.
Angelo and Carolina are having a couple of problems. She moved back to Puerto Plata to get her papers, and stuff, but now she isn´t talking to Angelo so we don´t know what is going on if her phone just died or if she doesn´t want to be married anymore. So that has been a challange especially for Angelo. She said that she was coming back this saturday so we´ll see.
The members are leaving with us more which is really good. The high counsilor also wants to leave with us. He has left with us twice and is really good. It is hard for him because he lives in a different ward close to the stake center which is pretty far away, but he makes the trip just to leave with us. He is going to leave with us today so that will be good. 
Ward conference was last week and the elders helped out with the choir. I played the piano for two songs and sang in the other. It was really good. They talked about prayers and really opening our soals to God in our prays, during elders quorm. 
Well I am glad that you guys are almost done with your tests. Good luck Rachael on pre cal, you will do great! Joshua piano isn´t that bad it really helps you and makes you smarter, the way that I learned to like to play is to play a song that you want to learn. And Joshua are you making that movie list that i should see when I get home? Allison and joshua swimming is really good for you to learn and you are both really good at swimming I hope that you work hard and win lots of medals this year. Well I love you all and hope that you all have a great week this coming week. I love you all and do well in your last few weeks of school! Adios
Con Amor 
Elder Cannon  

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