Thursday, May 31, 2012


Hola Familia,
This week has been really good. This week we finished painting the Cell phone business for Felix and it turned out pretty good. So we have worked and helped them and out and it has been really good. Melvin their brother is going to be baptised this saturday, so that is pretty exciting. We have been teaching melvin off and on because he lives with their dad in their country house that they have with land that they grow stuff, so he is over their to help him. 
This week also we have been working with Yoel and Mayra and they have had some really interesting questions and we have been trying to help them get over all their doubts, and this week we asked them if they were willing to be baptised and we put a date with them and they said that they have been working on getting married which was a surprise and it was really cool. They have been progressing a lot and are doing really well. It is really cool because they were a reference of Felix and are a young couple with three kids. I just hope that I can be here for their marriage and baptism, and then in a year I would be able to see them sealed in the Temple, but there is still a lot of work that we have to to but that is the goal. 
This week has been really good. I have been a little bit worried about a problem that we had in our area and I was fasting and praying. During the District meeting we were discussing and talking, and just by chance I read a quote in Preach my Gospel on the page that it was open to and it was just the answer that I needed to hear. It was really awesome. I didn´t realize how much that it was occupying my mind and just the relief that I felt and the peace. It was really amazing, how fast I was releaved and didn´t worry about it any more. It is amazing how the spirit works and how we receive the answers that we are looking for. 
This is the last week of this transfer and my companion is going to end his mission and so there is a good chance that I will stay in my area, but also they say that there are going to be alot of missionaries that are going to be white washing so they might move me somewhere else. So I will find out next week.
Today was P-day Santiago so we went to the monument which was awesome to pick up our shirts that we had made as a zone and then take pictures. It was really good because I was able to see De Leon there his zone also went to the monument so we talked, and then we went up to the look out and took pictures. then when we went to Pricesmart I saw Afatasi there which was really great to see him, he is doing great as his first transfer as a zone leader.
Well I hope that you all have a great week this coming week. Racheal have a great time at EFY and Tyler keep working hard in school. Joshua I know that you don´t really like taking piano but you are going to be way better then me if you keep up with how much you are learning. Allison I hope that you can start soon, and that you keep practising your singing. I love you tons!
Con Amor 
Elder Cannon 

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