Thursday, May 24, 2012


Hola Familia!
This week has been really good. First we had a conference with three different zones and it just so happened that all my companions were in these zones. It was a little sad because all three of my companions gave their finally testimonies, they are finishing this transfer and De Leon next transfer. It was really great to talk to them. It is also sad because it is the last conference with President and Hermana Lee. So we sang a song for them and then all stood and sang Called to Serve. It was emotional, and really spiritual. 
Then we had two baptisms this saturday Yokasta and Saul. Their are 8 and 11 and were baptised. It was really cool especially because on Sunday because of elections there werençt very many members at church. Usually they call on the members to confirm them members, but they called me and Elder Barrus to go up and participate. Then for Saul they asked me to do the confirmation. It was pretty cool my first confirmation in spanish. It went pretty awesome. 
Sunday was also pretty crazy we weren´t allowed to work outside of just the area around our house and we were to stay away from any voting areas. We left with Melvin, a young man that we are teaching, and at the end of the day he accepted a date to be baptised so that we pretty cool. We weren´t allowed to be out working past 7 at night because it was too dangerous. So we went to our neighbors were are less actives and watched the The Joseph Smith movie which was pretty cool, and they had a bunch of questions after. They haven´t every read the Book of Mormon which is probably why they are less active and so we gave them one and hope that we read it. They seemed like they really wanted to. They also fed us dinner which was really nice of them.
Yesterday we went to Jesus, Felix and Sandi cabrera´s house and helped them paint and haul some dirt. We painted his cellphone bussiness. It turned out pretty good. My companion has a little spay gun for paint and so we used that. He did a lot of it but I was able to do a little bit as well. It was a ton of fun, but I got burnt because we were out in the sun all morning and early afternoon helping them. Also when we came back to the house at night after preaching. Our neighbors were working. Their sewage pipe had clogged so we helped them for a while, but then they seperated it from the pipe in the street and poop and liquid stink came out it was really nasty, and the whole street smelt aweful. We ended up having to go into the house because it got too late.
This morning we went and played baseball. The guys that we played baseball are about college level and a few are probably going pro. I didn´t do very well. The field had a ton of rocks and patches of long grass. so when I ran once I fell because of a rock. I did hit the ball when I was able to bat, but they were just alright. We slept most of the afternoon even though it was 90 degrees and 65 humidity which is pretty dry we slept because we were really tired.
Well I hope that you all have a great week. Tyler have the happiest birthday and wish Grandma a happy birthday for me! I hope that you have fun the last couple of weeks of school. I love you all so much!
Con amor 
Elder Cannon

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