Thursday, May 17, 2012


Hola Familia,
This week has been great! Conference was awesome. The sessions on saturday we watched them at a members house. It was Elders Richmond, Afatasi, and I and then Jaden came we were in the bedroom of a family that had a computer. We watched the sessions saturday there. For Priesthood we went to the stake center and they had it there in english as well. Sunday we went to the chapel in La Union which was really nice because we could sit in chairs and it had air conditioning! It was cranked down really low and after the two hours when we went out in the hall it was like hitting a wall of heat and humidity. The air was really heavy and you instantly started to sweat. In between the sessions on Sunday we ate at the bishops house. We ate some kind of meat that was extremely weird it looked like really large ears, and the meat was really dark. I asked my companion later what is was and it was gizzard. It wasn´t that bad the texture was the only thing that wasn´t that great about it, and I guess the looks of it.
Conference was so great. I learned a ton and now I have a lot of stuff to do and apply to my life and to the work and lives of the people that I am teaching. One quote that I really like a lot was in the priesthood session that applies directly to missionary work, and other lessons taught. This is roughly it A message given without the desire to act is like a fire without heat¨ It was awesome and the whole conference was full of great messages. I hope that you were all able to obtain a vision and desire to apply these things in your lives. There was also a talk that had a small part of writing missionaries on sunday, hope you all caught that, jk ;).
We had two baptisms between the last session on Saturday and the Priesthood session. It was two brothers Richardo and Sebastian . They were confirmed right after being baptised because it is conference weekend. It was sad they didn´t show up on time and we were just not going to have it, but I went and looked for them with Elder Cruz and found that they had passed the church twice and the gate was locked, because they were early and late for conference. The members had locked the gate because a bunch of kids were coming in and playing in the parking lot and they could hear. But we found them and they were baptised.
This next week is looking really good. We have another baptism planned for Jaden the American. We also have a lot of new investigators and some of them are looking like they are going to progress. Yosilin fasted friday and now she is a little more receptive, yesterday we were able to talk with two of her daughters and hopefully the next time they will be more willing to share with us. We have a family that really loves us and everytime that we have gone over there for the last three times have made food for us, but it is really hard to get them to go to church and read. We keep passing for the mom she is reading and everytime her testimony is growing, but we are trying to get the whole family. I don´t know how long it will take to get them to gain a testimony, but we just keep working. 
Today we had an activity with the District, we were going to have an activity with the zone but there is a new rule that we can´t have anymore zone activities which really stinks. So we had a district activity. We played a bunch of different games but the sisters in the district made habichuelas con dulce, which is the sweet bean stuff. It was really good, but we couldn´t eat very much because it is pretty rich. Today I cleaned the cupboards and it was really nasty it was a cochroach nesting gound or something in one of the corners, so when I moved the spices that were there that we don´t hardly use a ton probably 50 crawled everywhere. So I cleaned that really well and then put bleach there so that they will be less likely to come back.
I am doing really well, and got the package that you sent. The chocolate was fine and I´m going to save it for easter. Everything is going great I don´t need anything at the moment. I love you all and it is great to hear that you are all doing great. Never over look the small things because being in the mission I have really been able to see how it effects us. In my life and in my investigators. I love you all and hope that you have a great easter. I hope that you take the time to study and remember our Savior this weekend! I love you all so much tell everybody that I say Hi and that I love them! Have a great Easter Sunday!
Con amor 
Elder Cannon  

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