Thursday, September 6, 2012


Hola Familia,
This week has been great as usual.
Training is pretty good so far. At first he was a bit homesick but that is usual. I tried to help him by talking to him and working hard so he doesn´t have time to think about the family. He is pretty cool. We are sharing pretty good the work load so it isn´t too hard on me. He wasn´t born a member but his family converted when he was about 4 years old so he was raised in the church. It is nice that he already speaks spanish. He actually speaks very dominican so sometimes it is hard to understand him, but he is teaching my dominican phrases. 
This week we were contacting and we contacted this guy that is really ganster. He has tatoos and eyerings and stuff all over. While we were sharing with him he told us that he was in an accident really recently where his bone in this right leg came out and he broke his arm. He told us that they took his bone and cleaned it off that then stuck it back into his leg and he didn´t need to have any surgery. Then he showed us his arm. It is still broken. He was moving it around and the bone is broken so we could see it moving inside his arm. He said that it doesn´t hurt and that he isn´t going to go to the hospital to get it fixed. He told us that these were all blessings and that he has a lot of faith, but likes to drink and likes the things in the street. So we left a pamphlet and maybe we´ll find him again. My companion said that by the way he acts he could tell that he has been in the streets as a tigre for a very long time and is ¨seasoned¨
The area is progressing nicely we are teaching this lady named Teofida and she is in a christian church I really gave it to her straight about baptism and I thought she wasn´t going to listen to us again, but the next lesson she told us that she believed that Joseph Smith really was a prophet. So that was great but while we were walking in the street her mother stopped us and asked us for help. When she finally told us what it was that she needed she said that her husband has a demoin in him and wanted us to pray for him. It was really funny.
I hope that you all have a great week this week, and that everyone is just loving school because it is the best. Thank you for the package that I got I really liked everything. I still haven´t opened the letters yet I will open them on my birthday. I thought the special instructions on the pictures was pretty funny. They were pretty good pictures. Well I love you tons and hope that best the week for all of you! Adois
Con Amor 
Elder Cannon

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