Thursday, November 8, 2012


This week was pretty good.
So first of all the fireside with Elder Cornish was pretty good. It was for investigators and less actives, so he didn´t teach any deep doctrine but it was really great. He talked about how to recognise the spirit, and then he used the salt example that you really can´t define salt you just have to experience it and then you will know. It was really great. All the people that we invited bailed on us at the last minute. Some said that they would meet us there but they never showed up. So we enjoyed it my companion and I. One thing that was really special was that a family that I contacted in Cien Fuegos a while ago they have been going to church and are progressing. They came and they even remembered me. They came up to me and we talked for a while together so that was really great.
This week we went to an appointment that we had with a reference and he wasn´t home but his mom was so we decided to share with her. In the begining of the lesson we found out that she is a Jehova´s Witness and started trying to bible bash. To try to prove her point she showed me a book that explains some of their beliefs. The way that the book explained it was just confusing. We ended up testifying and telling her to pray about the things that we had shared about the apostacy and Joseph smith.
This week some wiring burned out to the invertor. It wasn´t too bad until the batteries ran out of charge that is when we found out that everything in the house the light bulbs that outlets everything but the fridge was contected to the inverter so now that it wasn´t working we didn´t have any light. We left with Eliel an 18 year old and after we left with him the entire day we went back to the apartment and pulled out my supertool and gloves and got into the circut box and figured out which was went to the inverter and which one gave power to the fridge and then connected the two and we had power. We had called the office elders and they got a guy to come and fix it so now everything is fine again.
The four teenagers that we baptised are doing really well they are leaving with us to visit the people and teach them. It is helping then a lot understand better the lessons that we taught them. they branch is also going to buy them church clothes so that will be really great.
I am really excited for conference this sunday. I am hoping to find a way to watch it in english so that i can focus more on the spirit, but if not it will be great.
I hope that you all have a great conference weekend and have an awesome week! I love you all tons!
Con CariƱo
Elder Cannon

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