Thursday, November 8, 2012


Hola Mi Familia,

Last week I told you that the floor of our apartment was bubbling up. So last week they came in and were picking out the concrete to put the new floor at the same level as the old floor. We called the assistents and told them and they told us that we needed to stay in the house while they were working. So they came in thursday morning and while they were picking another part of the floor bubbled up and then another and then the whole room. So they brought the owner in and he said rip it all out so they ripped it all out and we had to move everything into the little bedroom where we do our exercise. They then spent a day picking out the concrete and the owner decided not to pick it all out. So they started to put the tile on top and just have a little ledge where the old floor and the new floor meet. So they put a line in and then the next day they were about half way done and the wife of the owner came in and told them NO NO NO. So they had to ripe out what they had done and then they started picking again. They fired the first guy because they didn't like his work so then a day later they found another guy. He came in and had an idea so they siad that it was good. They picked out a part and another part they didn't. This whole time we spend in the two bedrooms between our desks and then our beds. We read a lot! We studied english together and some of the videos that we have. They finally finished today. So almost everyday we were stuck in our room until 6 at night, and then we would leave and teach people until 9:30, 10 at night. And the next day was the same for this whole week. I was able to reach my goal of reading the mission library before I have a year in the mission and miricle of forgiveness. It was a bit hard especially to cook a couple nights we had to eat out. So we tired to choose carfully which ones we ate to see if they were clean, but I didn't really have a problem with any of the food that we ate so that was a blessing.

This week we had a drunk guy stop us. We were on our way home walking with the branch mission leader, and the drunk guy wanted to show us something in his house. It was a pamphlet that he said I had given him. He had built a triangle fame and put around it then put flowers in some fragrent water and then a rosmary around it. He first told my companion to pray to it. We told him no that we don't believe in that stuff. So he told us to read him a scripture so we read about how we should worship God and nothing else. He asked us to recite with him and we told him no. It thought we were mind readers for a while because my companion saw the guys name on a plaque in his house and called him by his name. He told us that he had read the pamphlet "the plan of salvation" and that he understood it. We looked and I wasn't the one to give him the pamphlet. It was a different american that we here almost 8 months ago. So Javi the mission leader asked if he remembered the part when Jesus came down from heaven and burned up the city of wicked people. So he went off on that for a while how well he understood that part. So javi said ok now we know that you have read it. It was really funny.

We are teaching this family with their two boys who are 7 years old and 10 years old. We taught them the plan of salvation and then when we went by the next time to teach them about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Their son was asking their mom if he died would he go where the sinners go. And his mom asked what and then he said if I died would i go to the world teletial. It was really funny. He was telling her that he was trying to be a good boy and that he is nice the the kids at school even though sometimes his does things that aren't so good. Then we talked about baptism and they had a couple of questions about baptising children so we read some scriptures about that. They haven't been able to come to church because of her work. So we talked to them about doing a fast to let her boss have some time off Sunday morning so that she can come to church at least to sacrament meeting. They said that they would be willing to fast with us. So tonight they are going to tell us when they are going to fast with us.

We are also teaching the Brother of Dani, One of the young men that we baptised, and also their cousin. They are progressing pretty well. They have been reading and understanding a lot. Their cousin's dad just died and he seems to be taking it ok. We talked about where he dad is and then on sunday they talked about the temple and about doing the work for the dead, and he seemed releaved knowing that.

I hope that you guys had a blast at yellowstone! I also got the little package with the pillow case you sent it through florida, Thank you! But other than that nothing. I love you all and hope that you have an amazing week!

Con Amor

Elder Cannon

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