Thursday, November 8, 2012


This week was really good.
This week Elder Fabian wasn´t interestedl. I saw it in the way that he acted with me and with other people. I tried to talk to him and he told me that he didn´t know why he was just bored with things. So I tried to help him, and was praying that some way we could find a way to help him be entusiastic about the work. The next day we went and taught a less active that we are working with and the less active showed us some of his books that he has from the church. In the stack was a spanish bood of mormon manual that helps you understand more in the book of mormon. Fabian asked if he could borrow it. Then when we got home he started to study it and found out that he was learning a lot more. He asked me a lot of questions. Some bacause he didn´t know and others to see if I knew. He started studying the Book of mormon with the manual every time we were in the house during lunch and study time, and when we got home after working. He got interested again for the work and studying. It was an answer to my prayers.
Conference was great. First I wasn´t able to watch it in english on saturday. We were the only ones in the church watching it in spanish and every now and again the young man the lives behind the church would come in. It wasn´t as bad as I thought watching it in spanish. I enjoyed all the talks! Priesthood session was really good, and I was able to watch it in english with airconditioning. It was really great spiritual boost. I learned lots of things that I can do better and put in practise these coming months. Sunday a member brought a laptop that I could watch conference in english. I was in the same room so I just used headphones. It was ok it had a lot of lag so at times it our jump and cut a part out.
On sunday we went to the house of another less active that we are working with and he wasn´t. His wife was there and we had tried to talk with her before and she rejected us. We asked if we could share and she accepted and we even had luis with us so that we could share with her. She accepted and we talked about conference and about Jesus Christ. I felt the spirit and what was really good was that her and luis know each other and she asked if he was investigating the church and the surprise on her face when he said that he is a member. He also bore his testimony about how he felt during his baptism. That was a huge stepping stone and Jonny her husband the less active came in towards the and and we asked if we could come back and share with them both and they said yes, she told us without commitments and we said that the commintments aren´t with us they are with you and God.
We contacted this lady and she was really negetive. I had felt inpressed to contact her and right then Fabian said let´s contact her so we went over there. and Her friend was there and started throwing out bible references, but for the most part I know what she was trying to say and was able to explain. The lady was pretty rude first she was insulting Fabian, like I didn´t know you could read and then Luis said some thing and she commented who look he talks. It was pretty rude. But we kept talking and I felt inpressed to ask if there was anything that we could do for them. she told us that she has polio and can´t get around easily and needs help cleaning up her back porch so we set a day to go and help her, she said that if we help her then she would read. So we can only hope for the best.
They are also redoing the floor in our apartment. It was bubbling before I got here. but it has gotten worse we told the owner and he said he would fix it but this last week it got really bad that it was hard to open the door. so we told him and this morning when they started pulling out a coupld of pieces they found out that a lot of the tile isn´t connected so the owner selected the worst part and they are doing that part. Underneath it is pure concrete and they have been picking for a lot time and it is going really slow. The main guy doing it is 79 years old and has been working the whole time. He says that he has energy reserves. His son sufferes from high blood preasure so he has to take breaks but the old guy has been going for a couple of hours straight. It was pretty inpressive we have offered to help but they tell us that the owner is paying for it, but later they accepted a little bit of help.
I hope that you all have a great time up in Yellowstone and that you see lots of animals. Everynow and again I get a smell that reminds me of yellowstone but it is usually garbage rotting in the rivers and doesn´t smell as good as yellowstone. Enjoy the cool weather it is still pretty hot here but at night it is cooling down I think in the mid 80´s somewhere in there.I love you all tons and hope you have a great week!
Con Cariño
Elder Cannon

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