Thursday, November 8, 2012


Hey family,

This week has been pretty good. We lost power in our apartment. The power was surging stronger and weaker. It burned out the neighbors TV and we thought that it burnt out everything in our house. so we called the office Elders, and they sent over a guy to fix it. Luckily it was just the breakers that burned out. So he replaced them and we were able to have light, but later we found out that the inverter also burnt out so now when there isn´t light we don´t have light.

This Monday we had House cleaning. They say that Elder Cornish from the area presidency is going to check our houses so we had a day to clean them. It took a while. We ended up cleaning it was a hose on the inside, which turned out a lot harder then we thought because we found our that our house is a bit of a bowl shape so trying to get all the water out was a problem.

This sunday was pretty neat. The Stake President came to the branch and an area seventy they both spoke but unfortunatey I wasn´t able to hear very much because of where I was sitting. They also reorganised the Elders Quorum so that is going to be nice because we are going to have more support from the elders quorum in our reactivation efforts, but they took our ward mission leader so now we don´t have that calling to help us.

This week The Branch President went with us and introduced us to a family. The wife had to work so she wasn´t there but we were able to share with the husband and He seems pretty interested. He asked a bunch of questions and told us that he has visited a couple of churches. He told us that he is visiting the Jehovahs witnesses right now. So we hope that that doesn´t slow him down at all.

Today we went bowling which was really funny. While we were sitting there one of the americans were trying to teach the latinos how to bowl and they were making fun of him how he was crossing his leg at the end. When we finally started to play a couple of the latinos slipped and fell on the butts and others there fingers got stuck, so it was pretty funny. We had a fun time.

The lady that was making fun of my companion a couple weeks ago, the one who has polio and we went and gave some service. Invited us to her house to eat some sweat beans and we shared a message. she wasn´t able to read but I hope that she will read and actually learn what we are teaching her. She said that she was going to call us but she still hasn´t called us so we´ll have to see what happens.

Well I hope that you have a great Halloweena and have a blast at the parties and eating all the wonderful food! Your costumes look really great! I love you tons and hope that you eat lots of candy especially tyler because next halloween he could be eating real liver filled with toenail crud and eyeballs, ha ha Have a great Week I love you all tons!!!

Con CariƱo

Elder Cannon

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