Thursday, November 8, 2012


Hey Familia this week has been great!

So this week we did our first exchange that Elder Fabian has had. I went with Elder Feliz the zone leader to Arroyo Hondo. It was great for Fabian to lead the area. When I was in Arroyo Hondo we had to go to their new house that they are going to move into and we had to wait there while they fixed the toilet and some light fixtures. So we waited there until 4pm which I am pretty sick of doing. Afterwards we were able to go to work.

While we were there we had to go and visit a recent convert of theirs. He went to the temple on saturday and some of the members thought that they saw him carring garments so we went to double check. We went over there and sure enough he had boughten garments. luckily he wasn't wearing them. He had opened a shirt to see how they were. So we had to explain to him that they are sacred and that he would understand more in the temple. Then we explained a little bit about the temple. We were really hoping that he would loose interest or be offended or something. The Bishop is going to buy them from him so that he doesn't loose money. It was just weird that they didn't ask for a recommend because there were a lot of members or something but they are going to call the Distrubution Center to tell them to be sure to double check.

This week the weather has been pretty nice. It has been raining a lot and has gotten pretty cool like low 80's and I don't know how cold it gets at night but we haven't had to sleep with our fans on so that is pretty nice. We have also been soaked a lot with a couple of good down pours. We were walking home from the Charca and It was raining bucketfulls and he were instantly soaked and we still have about 20 min of walking. A guy offered us a ride and he insisted that we get in even though we soaked his seats. He was really nice we tried to give him a pamphlet but he didn't want it at all. But we were really grateful for the ride.

I don't have any more time but I hope that you guys have a great week and that everything goes well. I hape you have fun preparing for halloween and I'll talk to you halloween. I love you Tons!

Con Amor

Elder Cannon

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