Thursday, August 30, 2012


So this week has been pretty good.
So first of all the missionary that I am training yesterday they anounced that I was going to train Elder Ika, but this morning when they brought the new missionary it was a different Elder. President did a bunch of last minute changes. So now I am trianing Elder Fabian. He is from the domincan republic. He has been a member his whole life. His whole family are members. He likes to draw and read. I am still in La Yaguita and will be here for a while longer for at least 3 months while I train.
We are getting ready for a couple of baptisms that are coming up. They are a bunch of teenagers and are really progressing. some more then others but they are all doing really well. They were able to go to a baptism with us in Bella Vista and are now really excited  for their baptism. We didn't want to pay for the rutas on the way back so we were lucky and a member offered us a ride. So we crammed in, which was really nice of them, but really uncomfortable. 
So we prepared for the hurricane, but when it got here is wasn't bad at all. That day it rained on and off all day and had a nice strong breeze but nothing huge. It was actually pretty nice because it lowered the temperature for a couple of days. It even got down to 79 when we woke up which felt really nice, but it makes the water feel a lot colder. Santiango is a bowl that is surrounded by mountains so there isn't any risk when hurricanes come. Just stronger winds and lots of rain.
So while my companion and I were trying to find this guy that we had contacted in the area that is new and has now street names and only a few houses have numbers. We were walking in a gullish area where the river of garbage runs there, and the houses are more poor. While we were walking on the other side of the gully we saw rats bathing in a stream. It was pretty far so that tells you that they were pretty big if they caught our attention while we were walking so My companion and I threw a couple rocks over there. Lately we have seen a bunch of rats, but it make sense with all the garbage.
The mission is going by extremely fast. It is so weird how fast missionaries are leaving and coming. The time during the mission is on warp speed without anything to slow it down. Weeks are like days, transfers are like a week. It just keeps going faster and faster. So I am trying to enjoy every moment while I can.
I hope that you are all having a great time, and are enjoying school. I love you all tons and hope that you have a great week this coming week!
Con Amor 
Elder Cannon 

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