Thursday, August 30, 2012


This week has been pretty crazy so I will try my best to tell you everything that has happened.
So first of all I am going to be training this next transfer. I am a bit nervous but also excited. I don´t know if I am going to stay here or go to a new area. I think that I am going to stay here but president told me that he doesn´t know where I will be training. The area is doing great and we are going to have some baptisms this next transfer which will be great because it has been a while since there has been a baptism here a couple of months since a baptism.
This week I got kind of sick of rice or spaghetti switching off everyday for this past transfer. So we bought some beef and I made a roast. I has been a really long time since I have eaten that but it was amazingly good. My companion thought it was really good but wasn´t a huge fan of the skin on the potatoes. I was really nice to have a break from the usually. This week we bought some meat that is going to be better then the one that we ate this week, so I am pretty excited.
We contacted a house this week and it was a really nice older couple that were really paying attention expecially the wife. She looked really interested and we answering the questions, but then a family friend or neighbor joined the lesson. He is a hard core pentecostal cristain. So we were sharing about the apostacy and the restauration. He just wasn´t getting it. He had a really closed mind, we would share  scriptures and he wouldn´t believe us so we bore our testimonies and then presented the book of mormon. He just wouldn´t except that there was more scripture. He just kept saying that if it isn´t in the bible then it is false. It was pretty frustrating he was almost yelling that we were wrong and that this religion was completely false. So I just told him if he didn´t want to take the book and read it then we would just close with a pray and then we left. 
The next pretty funny story. On another contact this guy was there that wanted me to write a letter to him to recommend him for a visa. I told him that i was going to be here for a while and that it probably wouldn´t make a difference. So then he took a picture of us together to show the people at the office where to get a visa that I am his friend. So while we were sharing they saw the pictures that I have of the family in my book of mormon scripture case so they asked if they could see them. They said that you all are really pretty and handsome. Then the guy asked how old rachael is and her name. I told him 16 years old but I wouldn´t tell him her name. He asked me to ask Rachael if she wants to marry him. He is 32 and right now has a wife but they aren´t married so it isn´t a problem, he doesn´t have kids with this wife but with his ex-wife he had kids. I told him that she doesn´t want to get married right now, but he insisted that I ask. By the end of the lesson he was calling me brother-in-law. The lucky thing is that he doesn´t live here he was just visiting a friend. It was really funny. The whole time my companion was just laughing. 
We went to this guy´s house. We had contacted his wife and had a return appointment because we couldn´t teach her alone. So we yelled Hello and the first thing he said when he came out of his house was, ¨which one of you is Joseph Smith?¨ it was really funny. We tried to teach him but he just couldn´t get on subject so he really didn´t understand anything that we said. He kept jumping around from old testament to new testament to what he heard on the radio, so we explained what we could and then left him a pamphlet. 
Today we went to the zoo. It was a pretty long ways we had to ride for about an hour and then walk about 15-20 min. The zoo was pretty small and mostly had birds, but it did have monkeys and two lions. and some elk, lama, two andacondas. it was pretty fun we went as a district so the four of us went out there and then on the way home we bought some food.
I hope that you guys are doing great with school starting and everything. The time is flying by I can´t believe how fast it is going by. I hope that you guys have a great week. I love you all tons! Elder De Leon is at byu so if you want to meet him you could. But I love you all so much and take care.
Con Amor 
Elder Cannon 

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