Thursday, August 9, 2012


This week it has been raining on and off. We heard that there was a tropical storm that was passing or something like that.
This week we were sharing with this lady that is really adventist and we were...discussing the sabbath day and which day it sould be. We ended up talking for a long time longer then we espected trying to share scriptures. We ended up with her telling us to pray to find out which day the sabbath day should be because if not we are basically condemned, and us telling her to read the Book of Mormon to find out if it is true. We left and she promised that she would read the Book of Mormon but wants to give us a book to read when we come back to her house.
When we left her house we were walking pretty fast trying to get to the next appointment that we had which was pretty far away. I was trying to fix my umbrella and walk at the same time. I had just about fixed my umbrella when my foot hit what felt like a rock. I just about fell over onto my umbrella which would have broken it. When I looked to see what I had kick. I saw a brown smudge, and further in the road was the remnants of one of the biggest and most dense pile of dog poop that I have seen. My shoe was pretty well nuked the the fresh pile of odor. A lady was walking by was making comments about how bad it smelled and how big of a mess it was. Then was giving me big leaves that I could clean off my shoe a little bit. It was pretty funny afterwards.
This week we have actually had a bunch of people reject us, not on the first visit but when we came back they really didn´t want to listen to us. One lesson we were being pretty persistent trying to get them to take a Book of Mormon. They kept saying well it isn´t the Bible it isn´t the same it isn´t familiar. So we persisted some more and showed them how it could bless their lives. Then the Husband told us that we was baptised when he was eight into our church and that his wife had read the Book of Mormon when she was younger and that they had experienced what it had to offered and that it wasn´t for them. Then afterwards he said that this doesn´t mean that we aren´t brothers or anything like that we can still say Hi to each other it isn´t like as you guys are walking by that we don´t look at their house. We told them that we would still say hello and if they didn´t want it we couldn´t obligate them to take it. So we ended and then left. It is helpful to find out that they aren´t interested from the start instead of visiting and using a bunch of our time just to tell us no. 
We have been coordinating better with the branch and they are trying to help us out more. Last night they were asking us when we were going to visit different investigators because they want to visit them with us. So that was pretty great. We are going to see how it goes. We are also trying to help them more by working with less actives we have three less actives that we are going to work together to try to reactivate them.
Well I´m glad that you guys were about to have such a great time up at Big John´s Flat. Keep working hard. Tell tyler to be careful. Goodluck at the Fair with all your stuff I hope that the cakes rachael is making win and the cookies that joshua is making. Well i love you all tons and hope that you have a great week this next coming week! Good bye!
Con Amor Elder Cannon

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