Thursday, August 30, 2012


Hola Familia
This week has been pretty good. 
We had a special zone meeting on monday about service and pride. It was reallly great. President and Hermana Douglas came. I had to give a capasitation about pride. We watch the talk from Elder Utchdorf about pride it was really great. Then they gave us a weird green fruit with salt on it. Then on the count of three we all took a big bit. It was a vinagrillo a fruit that they make vinager from. It was really bitter and acidy. Right after that they said now we will hear the special musical number from Elders Taylor, Latu, Spruill and Cannon. So we got up there trying to clear our throats from the juice of the vinagrillo. It turned out pretty good. I sang Melody and then switched to bass for part of it. Hermana Douglas shared some really great stories about service, she is such a servicible person. Then President Douglas shared with us about Love Service and Priesthood and how they are one in the same. It was really good, but went a little long. So afterwards we were looking for a place to eat and the only one that was close was one that looked alright. We ate there and found some rocks in the food, luckly mine didn't have any rocks, I got my share of rocks the other time. 
Friday all of our plans fell through so the whole day we were contacting which is a bit rough. Everyone that we had planned to visit wasn't there. We contacted a bunch of people, most of which weren't interested, but we found one that was really interested. His name is Edison. He is a 16 year old that is really trying to find the truth. He is receiving studies from the bibile from the Jehovas witnesses, which we hope doesn't ruin him. He came to church on Sunday and everything. He really participated in the classes and said that he really like it. Most of the young men know him from school and they are friends. It is looking really good. We are hoping that all of our contacting during this transfer that we found a golden contact so we will see.
We are trying to help a couple of people get married. The Family that we were talking about marriage we haven't been able to visit them. They keep calling and canceling the lessons. Because they live in the other area that we only go to two days out of the week they know when we are there and always call with an excuse. This week we changed days so we will see if we can pass by. Another couple has been together for 24 years and still aren't sure about getting married. We shared with them really directly about being married and how it is a commandment, they said that they would talk about it. The other one is living with her "Husband" but wants to wait a year so that she gets to know him before they get married. It is just a weird costum here that makes it hard for us. We hope that they can get married.
I hope that you all have a great last summer week. This summer sounds like it has been a blast and that you guys did some really fun stuff. Just checking up to see if Joshua is still keeping up the list of good movies that have come out? What are you schedules looking like for this next year? Rachael should be pretty packed but Tyler should have a really free year, and joshua and allison should be enjoying elementry school. Take care and have a blast! I love you all tons!
Con Amor 
Elder Cannon

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