Thursday, August 9, 2012


Hola Familia,
This week has been really different. Trying to learn a new area and remember everybodies names including the people that we are contacting everyday. We are doing a lot of contacting. My area has a lot of hills and the majority of these hills are really steep. I think that my legs are going to get bigger while I am here. My companion told me his have gotten bigger from walking the hills. It isn't as big as Cien Fuegos, but we do have another area that is a south of us that we have to walk to twice a week to work out there is takes about a half an hour to walk out there. We walk through some cow fields on trails. It is called La Charca. There is also a huge catholic calimastic center on the hill and there is a huge cement cross that they light up when they have meetings there. There isn't a church here we meet in the second floor of a house. It is pretty small there are two tiny rooms an office and then the main room and a deck. There is only a branch here so there aren't a ton of members. The majority of the houses are made of cinder blocks and there are a couple made of wood, and all the houses that I have been in have a concrete floor at least. 
This week on Sunday we were walking down the main road we were on our way to go and eat lunch at a members house and there were a lot of people drinking. While we were walking there was a pretty crazying looking guy. He was smoking and drinking when all the sudden he put down his drink. There was a lot a talking and some shouting. The guy pulls out a gun and points it at me. He wasn't that far away from me, about 10-15 yards in front of me. Thoughts were flying through my mind. "this guy is going to kill me" "just keep walking and praying" ext. He wasn't meaning to point it at me so when the thought finally registered in his mind that I wasn't the person that he wanted to point the gun at which was a terrifying minute. He pointed it at a different person just as a threat he didn't do anything, but it was a bit scary.
We have a couple really good investigators. There is this really old guy that we are teaching, his name is Tomas. He came to church which was a surprise because he told us that he wasn't going to come. He told us that while he was reading the chapter that we gave him 2 nephi 2 when he was done. A branch fell from the tree into the page so he kept reading and chapter three says branch twice right where the branch fell. So he decided that he needed to go to church because the lord is showing him that this is his church. That was pretty cool, and he is pregressing more and is trying harder to learn and read what we leave him.
The house we finished cleaning it for the most part and are getting back into the schedule of regular missionary life. We are starting to see some changes in the mission with President Douglas. We are pretty excited for this transfer.
This week we went to eat after a zone meeting and we got the usual rice chicken and pigeon peas or beans. I guess I was the unlucky one or something because my food had a bunch of rocks in it so I just about cracked a couple of teeth trying to eat my food, and then the next day it all came out in diarrea, but that only lasted during the morning and then I was good. 
I hope that you all have a great time up at Big John's Flat. Tell everyone that I say hi and hope that they have a great time. It is crazy how fast the time is passing the stores here are getting school stuff ready. So I hope you are all prepared for this coming school year. Enjoy the last few weeks of your summer. I Love you all Tons! Enjoy the cool weather up there!
Con Amor
Elder Cannon  

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