Thursday, July 19, 2012


This week has been a lot different. I got transfered today so I am now in La Yaguita in Santiago South. I also got a new companion Elder Mandrigas he is from haiti so he speaks french and spanish and I have heard that he speaks a little english, but I still don´t know if he does or not.
Today we got up and ready pretty early then the office elders came and got me they dropped me off at my new house and I cleaned part of it a little then got my stuff settled in. We then went shopping to buy some food in the city at La Sirena. so we were down there and had lunch. Then came home and I cleaned a little more and started to wash my clothes, with a washing machine! And now we are using internet, so I still don´t know much of my area just from what I have seen in the car ride, but there are a lot more trees here then in cien fuegos so I hope that it is cooler. We are on the outskirts of the city I think that we are the last missionaries in this area.
It was pretty hard to leave Cien Fuegos. It was really hard saying goodbye to the members and the converts and investigators. I really hope that I can see them again. I spent a lot of time at the Cabrera´s house. They wanted me to share one final lesson with them. We talked then I shared some scriptures with them and then had to say goodbye. I ended up crying a bit saying goodbye and giving them hugs.
This week we also found a leak in the pipe from our tank on the roof of our house. It was spraying our water all over the house of our neighbors. So we went and bought the stuff to fix it. so that took a little while, but we got it all fixed and glued together. I was pretty happy to know how to do it and so did my companion so together it wasn´t a big deal.
Sara wasn´t baptised on saturday we posponed her date for the 28 of july. So that was a bit sad to have shared so long with her and not be able to see her baptised, but it is enough to know that she is going to be baptised.
So this house has a shower that actually runs so I won´t have to take a bucket shower everyday, which is a bit weird because that has been my shower for so long. They have power on and off so when it is here we have to wash our clothes, but their inversor works when there isn´t power so the fans will work. They also have water most of the time and when it leaves it only leaves for a little usually, who knows with my luck.
Well I hope that you guys have a great week camping. Joshua and Allison it sounds like you guys did great swimming this year, keep it up. I´m glad that rachael and tyler had fun at their camps. I love you all tons!
Con Amor 
Elder Cannon 

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