Tuesday, July 10, 2012


This week was really good.
We have been trying really hard with Mayra and Joel. They went to church a while ago and had a bad experience and we thought that they were never going to come back, but we have been teaching them about the power of fasting and asked them to fast with us to see when they wanted to be married and baptised. So on saturday right before we started our fast they called us and told us that we weren´t going to fast, and that something happened and they aren´t going to be married until they solved this problem. We fasted anyways. On sunday they came to church and they had a much better experience. They also told us that they were fasting and wanted to end the fast together. It was so awesome that they ended up fasting with us. We went and visited them last night and shared with them. We had a really long lesson because their kids were hungry when we got there so we waited. Their two year old ended up looking at the family pictures and thought you guys are really cute. We answered a bunch of questions and shared how we can overcome problems and used the example that as missionaries we have to discuss what is bothering us or we don´t have the spirit with us. Them they just kept asking question and more questions, so we tried our best to answer them and show them how through the scriptures they can find their own answers. At the end of the lesson Joel, the husband that isn´t as receptive, said I am going to be baptised. It was so great, and we opened a new window for him in the way that the scriptures can really relate to him and how he can study them. When we left the house they were hugging at the door telling each other that they love each other and kissed. I felf so great! it was such a spiritual experience!
I had an intercambio with elder Kimball and went to tierra alta. It was really weird it is a richer area but it also has some poor parts. Some of the houses are really big and there are a lot more people who at least know a little bit of english, because they visited the united states the people where I live that lived in the united states are usually deported. There was an area called the hole and it was really nasty. There was a river of sewage and garbage and the people built their houses on the side of the hill. During the exchanged I learned a lot more about my own area. There was a member that told me a lot about the process of the Gansters and the police. It was pretty eye opening even though I live there I now understand what is really going on, and see the blessings that we receive everyday. We talked about this because someone else was murdered on sunday in the area that we were working in that night. It is just a blessing how the Lord protects us.
We still don´t have any power and it is hard when the neighbors have their loud music and you can´t sleep very good without the fan. We have both run out of clean clothes after the exchange my companion brought some clothes to wash there, but I forgot because I was already there. We don´t know when we are going to get power again we keep calling the office elders but they are just slow at doing things. It is a bit annoying. 
Tomorrow we get to meet the new president and we are pretty excited to meet him. We have heard some pretty good things. his wife called my companion yesterday to wish him a happy birthday and she speaks a little but is learning at the end of the call president talked just to make sure he got the message. He said the spanish here is a bit fast but he is getting used to it.
Well I hope that you all have a great 4th of July and that you can see a lot of the family and have a great bbq, wow that sounds really good.. I hope that all the fire stop burning so that I can come home to beautiful mountains. I miss the mountians in utah. Have a great time this week, and I love you all so much.
Con amor
Elder Cannon 

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