Thursday, June 28, 2012


So this week has been pretty good.
So on monday I was on an exchange and when I got back I found out that
the power company came and shut off our power, because we don´t have a
counter to keep track of the power that we use. So they called the
office elders and they couldn´t do the contract with the power company
until they had finished the contract for the house, so they now have
that all arranged. The bad thing is we aren´t going to have power
until friday hopefully probably not until monday. We took the food in
the fridge to the neighbors house they are really kind to help us with
that, but we didn´t have any clean clothes. So we talked to our
renters to see if we could run an extension cord to our house to use
the washing machine for our clothes. They said yes so we have one
extension with power. The inverter also doesn´t have any charge so we
have no light and can´t use the fans so it is really hot. Yester we
didn´t have water so last night we were up trying to find out the
problem.The tank that we have on the roof was full but it wouldn´t go
through the pipes so we were up late fixing that. It turned out that
there was air in the tubes and couldn´t leave. After we fixed that we
had to wash our clothes and wash dishes. It was a pain in the butt,
but now we have clean clothes and dishes, but it is really hot at
night without fans and the bugs get you more when you don´t use a fan.
We woke up today and ate and talked. Then we wanted to go an play
basketball at the church so we went over there and played with two of
the young men and then a kid that just came over and wanted to play.
It was extremely hot and I burnt a little because I forgot sun screen.
It was really good to play I haven´t played in a long time. I was
trying to help Kenny learn to jump higher and when I was showing him I
was able to grab the rim. I was pretty surprised and happy. But
afterwards we were extremely tired, and had to go and buy ice because
we don´t have any cold water because no power. We had lunch and then
tried to relax.
This week with investigators we really worked hard to get
investigators to come to church and we had a petty good number come to
church. We have an investigator that is a haitian lady and she is
reading the book or mormon a lot. We we contacted her and just left
her a pamphlet she tried to come to church but got lost, and then we
gave her a book of mormon and she is reading a lot. We shared
yesterday and found a member visiting with her with her family. It was
really good she believe that the book is true and believes to have
received an answer. Her boyfriend isn´t as interested and it is going
to be really hard for them to get married to be able to be baptised.
We went and visited Sagrario and talked a lot about what she has
learned and how she has felt. Then we talked about coffe and how she
needs to quit drinking coffee. We talked about why she drinks coffe
and found out that it is just something hot to drink so we offered
chocolate and other hot drinks that she could drink in place of coffe,
at the end of the lesson we asked her to give us her kettle because
she can´t quite with it. We had the kettle out during the lesson and
at the end we asked her to give it to us. It took her a while to
answer and then at the end she said no, and that she couldn´t stop
drinking coffee. It made me really sad expecially because I have a lot
of time teaching her and she has made changes in her life. At this
point I felt the prompting that we needed to drop her. That was really
hard because we had grown close we had helped her with personal
problems that she had shared with us. So I took the initiative and we
dropped her. It was really sad I cried a little at the end and i tried
to think if there had been anything else that I could have done.
President Douglas and his wife are coming this week so we might see
some changes in the mission so that is a bit sad to see president and
hermana lee leave, but it is exciting to see changes.
I hope that you all have a great week and that everything is going
great. I love you all so much. Just so you know I am about halfway
through the last journal that i have, dad has the kind that i want.
When you send it if you could send a stress ball the black ones that
are really hard that would be nice. Have a great week and I´ll talk to
you next week. Love you soooo much!!!
Con Amor
Elder Cannon

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