Thursday, June 21, 2012


This week was really Great!
So this week we had a capacitation with President and Hermana Lee for just our zone, and a half an hour before a meeting with the three district leaders and zone leaders. So we were on our way and running a little bit late. Then the ruta that we were in died. ¨great now we are going to be even later. The driver got out, popped the hood and started the car and then reved it up. We went a little ways and it died again. So he got out and started it again and reved it up. We went another little ways and then it died a third time. He got out of the car and started the car under the hood, but this time he forgot to take it out of drive. So when he reved up the car it nailed the driver knocking him pretty hard onto the ground and then kept going. I thought that the car was going to run him over we were just waiting for the bump bump and the screams. He was able to roll to the side and then running after him car. He jumped in the window and throw the car into park. It was so funny to watch a guy hit himself with his own car. All the people in the car were trying not to laugh.
When we finally got to the capacitation we talked about planning and contacting 10 people everyday. It was really good. he talked about preaching the gospel ¨en camino¨ in D and C 52, and how we need to open our mouths and trust that it will be filled. he told us about how sometimes we are scared or timid to open our mouths and preach the gospel, but if we do this we showed us how it would be simple to have a baptism once a week. It was really good. I just hope that the other missinonaries put this in practise so that when I get transfered they will have put in the effort to open their mouths. 
On monday I had to give my first capacitation as a District leader. I talked about the importance of inviting and helping our investigators come to church. I had a lot a participation from the district and it turned out really good. 
I also did an exchange in La Union. We had a really good day leaving with members and working out there. We were able to have a lot of success contacting and talking to people. That night I slept terrible. All there was was a matris so sleep on so I had a shirt that was a very little pillow and then the elder I was with gave me one sheet. During the night my right calf crapped up really bad about 5 time. So I would wake up and try to stretch it out and then go back to sleep only to wake up and try to stretch my leg out again.
We are starting to get more refereneces from the members. On sunday the lesson was about having excitement about sharing the gospel. So I think that really helped, we are really trying to asked references from everyone to try to reach the goal of 10 references every week. It has been a bit hard because there are 4 missionaries in the same ward and both of us are asking for references, so 20 references every week from the ward. 
I hope that you all have a really fun week this week for Strawberry Days. Eat a bunch of strawberries and cream for me. Keep up the good work in school and piano. Try to teach chief how to sniff out non members so that you can teach them. Have a great week and Enjoy the summer together! I love you all!
Con Amor 
Elder Cannon 

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