Thursday, June 14, 2012


Hola Familia
This week has been pretty good. We haven´t had water for a couple of days so the past couple of nights our neighbors have given us water to wash our clothes and bath. So after we are done during the day we go and haul water up to our house. We have probably hauled 100 gallons. It is pretty Tiring to lift it up the stairs to our house, but it has been really nice to have water. 
My companion and I are getting along pretty good. He loves to cook and took classes so I am learning a little about how to cook food from Guatemala. He also cleans alot which is really nice because our house is more clean.
So as a zone we are focusing more on goals and how to achieve them. I had to get a capacitation on how we are going as a zone to get 1,200 references this transfer. We are really trying to focus ourselve more by setting and making better goals.
So this week we have really been trying to help Mayra and Joel come to church. This Sunday they came a little late but they came which was really good. The class with the inverstigadors was really good and they really had a good time. But during priesthood some things were said that has made a bit harder. I think that it won´t slow their progress too much but it might a little bit, so that wasn´t very good.
Yesterday we went to Sagrario´s house and shared with her. She is doing a lot better. We have a goal to reactivate some less actives in the Ward. The other day we were walking and saw this lady carrying some boards. So we offered to help her and she didn´t want us to. We insisted and then helped her. We found out that she used to work in the houses of the missionaries and is now less active. She just moved here and was really happy to see us. It was awesome to see that just by doing what we were supposed to be doing we happened to pass by just at that moment, and insisted to help her. The spirit was really strong and she has a Desire to reactivate and become an active member in the church again.
We have been fasting and studying and it really goes to show the power of fasting, we are finding more people that are really progressing with the lessons and we are constently receiving new ideas in the things that we can do to help the members and investigators in our area. The work is moving forward everyday as we are contacting and finding new people that the gospel can bless.
Seeing people change their lives everyday really shows the power of this gospel and the teachings of Jesus Christ. In a song that I have It says ¨seeing their lives begin to change I know that i´ll never be the same, how can i keep this gift to myself when I Could lift somebody else, I am a witness of his Miracle and his mercy…¨ It is a really good song that talks about missionary work.
That is great that you guys were able to go to ST. George and see all the family and get all those pictures. I am sorry to hear that allison is a bit sick. Tyler don´t worry about the ACT you did fine. It was great to hear that Rachael had a great time at EFY and that allison and joshua are doing swimming again. I hope that you all have a great week and I love you all very much.
Con Amor 
Elder Cannon 

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