Thursday, January 3, 2013


Hola Familia,

This week has been really busy.

First of all on thursday we had a conference with Elder Cornish from the seventy. It was a great conference. We talked about really bringing the spirit into the lessons so that we can take advantage with the investigators that we are finding and getting them to be baptised. We talked a lot about being obediente and showing a good example. Then they told us of the change. Because of the age change that happened our mission like all the others is going to grow a lot. Right now we have about 150 missionaries and within a year we will have 250, so he said that there are going to be a lot of trainers and a lot more leadership positions. We discussed how we are going to prepare for the changes and how they are going to be missionary houses with 4 or even 6 missionaries living in one apartment so that is going to be crazy and they are a bit worried about missionaries actually studing and planning like they should. So that was really great, they said that everyone that can breath is going to train. Afterwards we had a question asking session with Elder Cornish which was really great, but we could only ask a couple of questions. The answers were really cool with the questions that were asked.

Then on Friday we went and did a service project with an institution called acción callejera We went there are cleaned up the building it was really messy but there were a lot of missionaries and it didn't take too long. Then we went back on tuesday to help them organize Christmas cards that they are going to try and sell so raise money, but there were only six missionaries that would come including us.

This week we have a baptism planned we are going to baptise a boy named Wilmer he is 13 and the younger brother of Dani a teenager that got baptised about 2 months ago so that is really good. he has been learning a lot and always reading what we have been leaving him. at first we were going to move his baptismal date to give him more time to prepare because he was joking a lot in the lessons and not taking it really seriously. So we planned and have been giving him chapters to read in the Book of Mormon and he has gotten more serious about being baptised.

We have been teaching this man named Joselito and his family, and he has been reading but he just learns a little slower. He lives in the farther area la charca that is a long walk to church, but normally most the people that live there have cars. He said that he would come to church and sure enough he came to church but he doesn't have a car and had walked to church. the Branch president was pretty impressed because even active members when their cars are in the repair shop won't come to church because of the walk. So that was really great, he was really shy so I was with him most the time trying to intorduce him to the members.

Well I'm glad that everything is going great. Everything here is going great next week are transfers so i may be emailing from a different place and have no idea what time i will be emailing it depends where i am. well I love you all tons and hope that you have a great week this week!

Con Amor

Elder Cannon

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