Thursday, January 3, 2013


Hola Familia,

It was great to talk to you guys yesterday. You guys look like you have really grown. That is so great the you guys had a white christmas and had a wonderful time. It sounds like you are all getting a lot of snow with the snow storms on Christmas eve and today.

So this week I have been coming in a lot to the office getting a feel to my new job. Driving around and ordering stuff for the mission store and all the mail and cell phones. It is pretty interesting it seems pretty chill right now in the office, but trying to figure out some weird bills that have come from the phone company, but it is really nice that I will be in the office for the church because they are really organized and if we paid there is a receipt and a copy of the check stamped and everything so we can solve the problem pretty easily, but then again a large part of my job is filing and organizing everything so that when a problem like that comes we can find the receipt and I have to have a copy of the checks and all the forms. So that part isn't as fun having to organize all the mail and bills and the forms for the cars.

Driving is a different experience, it is just basically roaming all over the road nobody really follows any lines or anything if your car fits then your good to go. So a street that would be for one car in the united states now fits three cars and a motorcycle weaving inbetween them. You have to try to predict what the person in front of you is thinking but here just be ready for anything they may just stop in the middle of the road or turn left from the right lane and things like that so that can make you pretty frustrated but you just have to be really watchful and have lots of patience. But I am really enjoying it I have missed driving. Sometimes while we are walking and we see someone driving a nice car I sometime will just make car noices or act like i am shifting or something, and when i got called my companion said now you can do it for real and you don't have to pretend. I am pretty happy to be driving, I just have to be careful.

This sunday there were hardly any people at church, in our sunday school class there were three people and two of those were my companion and I, so we just discussed the lesson and read and made sure that the one person understood the lesson, but the one person was the new ward mission leader who is also a recent convert who is 18 years old, so it was a bit different.

I basically told you about everything else big that has happened this week. I hope that you all have a great week this week I hope that you had a very merry christmas and that you have a Happy New Year! I love you all tons and I was great talking to you!

Con Amor

Elder Cannon


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