Monday, February 25, 2013


Hola Familia

So it has been a bit crazy trying to figure everything out. I wasn't able to write you on our P-day because we did transfers on Saturday instead of Wednesday so we were a bit busy on our P-day.

So this week I have been learning and taking over all the work of the office so Elder Challis, the old office elder, is still here but is leaving on saturday so he has been here to answer all of my questions and help me. so I have been learning as we go when something comes up I learn how to do it. So we went to get one of the trucks fixed because the senior couple wrecked it so we went to report it and everything, but then the next day he just took it and fixed it himself paying for it himself. We have also been looking for houses so during those days we have been driving in the car a lot calling people, but it is just the begining of that, we are going to be looking for a lot of houses with all the new missionaries that are going to be coming. My job isn't too hard it is just organizing. Most of the people that I have to talk to are profesioanl so they know what they are doing and know the missionaries so that makes it really easy. My companion is in charge of all the houses and the stuff that has to do with the houses and so he is constantly talking to people that aren't profesional like renters that just have a second floor that they want to rent out so they can be really hard to work with.

This week we got a phone call on Sunday from a very inactive guy that the missionaries have taught a lot, but never did anything. He called us and asked if we could pass by and give them a ride to church because he wanted to change his life. So we went by and they were all outside waiting for us in church clothes and everything. When they got to church they went and asked the bishop if they could talk to him. So they talked to the bishop and he gave them some great advice. Then they asked us if we could go by later on sunday. When we passed by we were with Joncarlos recent convert. They were big into hard core drugs and drinking. His mom is a member who is really strong he has been less active most of his life, and his wife is a non-member. We went and taught them and they were really open to our message and they got along great with Joncarlos. The guys looks pretty good but the wife is really skinny and her face is a bit sucken in. At the end of the lesson they asked us to give their baby a blessing. He has been sick for a while mainly because of all the smoke and stuff that he has been exposed to and also he has a cold so he is pretty sick and during most of the lesson he was crying and screaming. We went to give him a blessing and they asked me to give him the blessing. so we gave him a blessing and right when we started to give him the blessing he stopped crying and was calm. The spirit was really strong. they were very grateful and they seem so much more happy. It is incredible to see what a difference it makes when they make the desicion for themselves.

Well I hope that you are all had a very Happy New Year, and welcome to 2013, it is so insane how fast the time has gone by. I love you all tons!

Con CariƱo

Elder Cannon

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