Monday, February 25, 2013


Hola Familia,

How are you all doing?

This week has been pretty busy. I have been trying to get all that things done with the truck so that we could get the other truck back so that we can have the two trucks here in the office. But it now won't been done for another week and a half which is a bit of a pain, because we have been trying to figure and plan everything with the other office elders so that we can get everything done.

This week we actually had a P-day in the office so we got together with the assistants and the other office elders so we had a mini activity. So to make it happen I just planned. We went and played basketball and as usual when people are playing basketball some other people showed up and wanted to play which was alright so that way we were able to play a couple of good games. It was pretty hot so we got a little bit of sun so we got a little burnt but because we are always in the office we were pretty white to start off with. While we were playing I had put an American roast in the oven and we were cooking it. We made a ton of food and for 6 elders it was a good thing that we made so much food that way they got all eaten. It was pretty awesome but it took longer then we thought it would so we ended up eating around 2 instead of around 12, but man was it good food! It has been a really long time since I have eaten something that amazing.

This week I also went to the mission doctor because my side had been bugging me and then a dent thing appeared in my side so I went there and he told me that I had strained an abdominal muscle. So he just told me to give it time to heal basically.

Life has been pretty busy here in the office we have had all the zone conferences this week so that has been crazy trying to work and having that going on. We talked a lot about how we are going to put into practice what we learned during the meetings with Elder Rasband and Elder Anderson. So that was really good to hear and share what we all learned about how we can have the spirit more and how we should teach with the spirit. so we were able to set some goals as a mission and personally so that has been going great.

This week we had an exchange in our area so me and my companion split up with members and contacted a bunch so that we could have more people to teach and we actually found a couple of good contacts. One we went back a couple days later with two members with us and she was very receptive, it is just hard because we can only teach her if there is another man in the house so we always have to look for a member to go and teach with us. Today we are going back to some of the other contacts that we did and we will see how they are doing.

Well I hope that you all have a wonderful week this week! I love you tons!

Elder Cannon





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