Monday, July 1, 2013


Hola Familia,

This week was pretty interesting. My companion has been training Elder Astacio who is going to become the new office elder or in other words my new companion. So we have been doing pretty basic stuff. I have had some time to read and relax and catch up on all of the office work that I have needed to do, but it has been a bit hard because of conferences and service projects different office elders have had to do different things in those and when we need something done from one of the other office elders and they fall behind then we also fall a little behind so we have been pretty busy.

This week we went up to Puerto Plata to look for an apartment to move some new missionaries. We took Elder Astacio to teach him what a house needs and how to do business with the owners. He is a Dominican that is about my height and is pretty skinny. He is really funny he is in some of the pictures that we took up there. After we had looked at a bunch of houses we went to the beach and took a couple of pictures.

We have been contacted trying to get more investigators all of our investigators have been disappearing so we contacted a little while ago and some things are actually coming through We found a family on Sunday that is really cool they were very open and when we got there they called their kids and had the whole family to listen to what we had to say. They live at the very end of an alleyway and we were contacting with a member and it turned out that the member knows them and they were very receptive and so we are going back this coming Sunday.

We also contacted this lady from Venezuela that is living here. We have taught her twice since and seems really interested. She read the whole pamphlet, and each lesson we had different members there to help her. She told us that she has her beliefs and that she has felt good in her church and felt like God has answered her prayers. We taught about the Book of Mormon and then we invited her to pray. She has met with the missionaries before, but that was a really long time ago in Venezuela. She said that she likes how the youth of the church are and wants her daughter to have that support and live those principles. Her daughter is 8 years old.

This week President and I had a couple meetings with Orange the phone company to see what they could offer us and to see if it would be better to switch to Orange instead of Claro. They gave us a booklet and some offers, that I ended up having to study and then report back. So that has been pretty interesting. I had to use some math to solve some of the little details that they have in the small print and I figured it out and it was very satisfying to be honest to have a real life application and know how to figure it out and have an answer that basically determined if we were going to change phone companies.

The truck still isn't done and they say that it won't be done until next week but they way that it has been going it isn't going to be done for awhile.

We also went to Salto de Jimenoa again with the assisants today so that was pretty fun and we took a bunch of pictures and had a great time.

Well I hope that you are all having a great time and that you have a great week!

Con Amor

Elder Cannon 

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