Monday, July 1, 2013


Happy Semana Santa! How is everything going on that side of the world?

Over here everything is as busy as ever. This week has been the traveling and looking for houses week. This week we went to Nagua, San Fransico, Jarabacoa twice, Puerto Plata three times, and La Vega. During all of this traveling it has been a very rainy week so the travel has been a little bit slower on these bad roads expecially to Jarabacoa and Puerto Plata on wet roads. We also had all the other things that we normally do to do on top of this. We did the mail and I did get your envelope of chocolate, and had to get that sent out the same day because it is La Semana Santa so everything was closed for part of the week.

We had to do another emergency move in Puerto Plata so we had to do all the contracts and stuff and move the missionaries in the rain which is never that fun because you can't let the mattresses get wet or the wooden desks and they always get mad if you get their bags wet.

So that has basically been our week we have been living in the truck if it only had a bathroom in there that would be our apartment.

During all the busy rush we had to take a mini missionary to his house so we picked him up from Puerto Plata and took him to Cien Fuegos to his house so I really wanted to stop by the Cabrera's house so we were able to stop by and say hello really quick they were all really happy to see me and now Jesus's little girl Merili talks but was too shy to say anything. As we were on our way out I felt like we needed to stop by and say hello to Hermana Blanca. She was so surprised that we went to her house. She just about started to cry. She has been inactive ever since I have left Cien Fuegos the missionaries who are there really don't know much about her, and I doubt they even know where she lives. She was so happy and had asked why we didn't call here to tell her that we were coming so that she could have made something for us, but we didn't have time anyways so it was just good to see her and invite her to church again. She said that she wanted to write me so I told her that was fine, so we'll see if she sends me a letter, but it was a great feeling afterwards.

When we finally were able to teach some lessons we got out of a lesson and we were going to see if a contact that we did was in the house a crazy lady came up behind us and said "OH the Mormons so cute, tell me something beautiful" But when she came up she like gave me a hug from behind, but she was pretty short so she was like hugging my stomach, so I had to take her arms off me and turn around. The lady at the house was apologizing and telling us that she is crazy. The crazy lady left and we talked for a minute with the lady that we contacted but her brother just left so we could share with them. The crazy lady came back and offered us some chips but we kindly said no and she walked away a bit angry, but it was funny with her rounded face with really curly hair sticking straight up.

Well I hope that you guys have a great Easter. Thank you for the Chocolate. By the way did you guys make homemade chocolate yet? Well I hope that you all have a great week and get ready for General Conference this weekend. I love you all so much!

Con mucho amor

Elder Cannon

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