Monday, July 1, 2013


Well this week was pretty intense trying to get everything ready for Transfers. 21 new missionaries arrived so we had to rent a 15 passanger van to get them and move everyone for transfers, and I was the one that had to trunk around in the van for 3 days. So that was pretty interesting. For transfers I was assigned the Navarrete route because there was supposed to be a national riot and so it was supposed to be pretty dangerous, but because I am the best driver they figured that it would be best to send me. During transfers my route took the longest by far, everyone else had finished a couple hours before I had finished. There wasn't even a riot, but there had been a big one the night before because there was a lot of trash and burnt tires and tree limbs in the road which made it a little more difficult to drive but there wasn't any riot. After was had finished transfers and taken the van back to the air port it was after 7pm. We had dinner at the mission home with all the missionaries that were finishing there missions, which were only 2. So we had a testimony meeting where we were all able to share our testimonies. Then the american misisonary told us that he had lost his luggage during transfers and had no idea where it was. So we called missionaries to find out where is bags were, and we finally found then in Jarabacoa which is about an hour and a half from Santiago, and he was leaving at like 5am the next day. So it was about 10pm and Elder Wilkinson and I were chosen to go get the bag. I drove and Elder Wilkinson was there to keep me company and to drive if I got tired, which was pretty funny because during transfers the office Elders and the assistants don't sleep a whole lot. We were able to get up and back safely, and it turned out that the stuff in the suitcase was just a bunch of stuff that he shouldn't have had on the mission anyway like video games and crap like that so that was a bit frustrating.

the otherday we also ate fish in the mission home with President and sister Douglas when my companion and I ate there with them alone. It was imported Samon that president had grilled that was really super good.

Well I have no more time, but I want to tell you all that I love you tons and that I Hope that you have a great week. Tell the Warburtons that I hope that they get better really fast.

Con Carino

elder Cannon

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