Monday, July 1, 2013


Hola Familia,
This week has been really busy trying even harder to get everything ready for the transfers that are coming on the 23rd of April. So we have had to up our game in finding and getting contracts done for all of the houses. We still have about 4 that aren't ready yet some just need the move of all the stuff and then there are others where we still don't have a house yet. So this coming week is the last week before transfers so we are really going to have to work hard.
So we have been traveling a lot and doing a bunch of moves. Today my companion and I are really sore because of Basketball that we played yesterday and because of all the moves that we have done. Yesterday the assistants helped us do a move to a third floor apartment and the stairs where really narrow and the roof was really low so that you had to duck down to go up them. So that was really hard and awkward to do that move, but this morning all four of us woke up pretty sore, and tired.
Yesterday we also had another activity with the office elders. We went and played basketball for a while which was really nice because we haven't had the time to go out and play in a lot time.Then we came home and we made breakfast, pancakes and some fruit.
We were able to teach a young man this week. His name is Miguel angel and he lives in a pretty getto area where there are lots of drugs and stuff, well that is pretty much our entire area. While we were sitting on his balcony teaching him some guys walked by and were making fun of him because we were over there teaching him. Then he did something that I really admired him for doing. First of all the guys that were walking by were two or three street gansters who were smoking some drug and they knew that kid who we were teaching. But he turned and said," They are my brothers" and then turned back to us to listen. The other guys were a bit shocked and just kept walking. It was pretty neat to see his courage. I really hope that we can help him progress in the gospel. He is such a good kid.
Well I hope that you all have a great week this coming week! I love you all tons and tons!
Con CariƱo
Elder Cannon

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