Monday, February 25, 2013


This week was extremely busy everyday was really really busy.

We had to move missionaries into two new houses. One was a group of missionaries which wasn't too bad it was just two trips with the truck stuffed full; when I mean stuffed it was heaping in the bed of the truck with it all tied down and then inside we either had six missionaries and two bags of clothes and the other time it was full up to the ceiling. The only area that wasn't really full was where I had to drive, but we got it done it two trips. The other was the senior missionaries and that was a bit harder. They live on a third floor and so we had to take desks and chairs and a bunch of crap and then we had to carry it up to another third floor apartment along with 4 big batteries which were really heavy. But we are finally out of those houses and on to other projects.

We are also trying to get ready for transfers so that is why we are moving missionaries and trying to get new areas. This week we got a call from the assistants and we had to look for a new house to open up another area. It is in a place called Nagua which is one of the farthest areas from the office. So today we went there and had the missionaries that are close to there look for houses and when we got there we went and got one that was good. It was really good that we were able to get one so fast because normally it takes a little while to get through all the paper work and crap, but the new house missionaries had lived there before and they were happy with the missionaries and with the church so they accepted the contract pretty easily.

While we were in Nagua we were able to stop and take pictures at the beach it was really pretty! It was the first real time that I have seen the ocean in my mission. The last time we were driving in Puerto Plata at night so we really couldn't see much. This time we were able to climb out on some rocks in this peninsula thing and take some pictures with the assistants. It took a long time is was about three hours there and about three hours back. The only thing that is bad is when we go to move them it will be three hours or more there and three hours back every trip we have to make so we are going to try to figure out a way where we don't have to take very many trips.

This week a family in the ward has been working to get some references for us especially because it is hard for us to find the time to contact people. So we went there and they invited a neighbor over who had shared with missionaries before and is still pretty interested in the church. So we started the pamphlets again to refresh his mind and see how much he understands.

For the past couple of weeks I have been trying to work with the cell phone company trying to get some stuff and get some questions asked about plans and about our plan and minutes and a list of stuff. They seem to be avoiding me I have sent emails and called and it doesn't seem to get anywhere. This week we went and spent a couple hours in their office, and we just got a couple of papers so that is frustrating a bit but at least it was a little progress, but I am learning lots.

This week we finally fixed our stove. It hasn't been working for a couple of weeks and this week we finally got really sick of bread and cereal and stuff like that so we just got a hanger and my super tool and finally wired some tubing and fixed the stove which just goes to show me how grateful I am for a stove that works, even we don't eat a lot at home it is really nice to have that option and make something.

It seems like the nights just keep getting shorter and shorter. Being a normally missionary there are times were you blink and it is time to wake up but not is seems like that is every night. We come home really super tired and then you change to lay in your bed blink then go back and change into your clothes and start it all over again, sometimes it makes me wonder were the energy comes from, but the Lord supports those that do his will.

Well I am really proud of Allison with her baptism today that is so great, it is something really special. Especially when your brother who is getting ready for his mission can preform the baptism. I hope that you all had a great week this week and hope you make this week the best. The really cool mail man was there the other day while we were there picking up the mail and he said did you know you can live in the past. My companion said something like how can you do that. He said, "Today is the Yesterday of Tomorrow, people sit around wishing to change there past, the trick is to just change today, because what we do today changes tomorrow." Hope you make it the best day ever! Love you all!

Con CariƱo

Elder Cannon

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