Monday, February 25, 2013


Hola Familia,

This we have had a lot of work here in the office trying to get ready for transfers which are this next week.

So on Tuesday morning we went with the zone leaders to help move to a new area called Los Cocos. The move wasn't too bad we just had to make two trips. The area is very pretty next to the mountain. After we moved the stuff into the house we went up the mountain road farther then we have gone before. It was very pretty and pretty crazy to see some of the big houses up there and only imagine what it must have been like trying to build those houses up that road. We took some more pictures of some of the Tobacco fields with their grass drying huts, and some of the view that you can see up there.

Then on Wednesday my companion and I had another move to Nagua. We are opening another area out there so we had to haul a fridge and washer and stove and beds out there. It took about three hours to get there which were a tough three hours because we didn't have breakfast and with all the stuff in the back we could stop and eat lunch until after we had unloaded. We got there and the house is great it is like three blocks from the beach. It is a second floor with a spiral staircase. The only thing that wasn't so great about it is that it is a second floor with a spiral staircase and only the two of us to get two beds a washer, stove and a fridge up to the second floor. There was a staircase in the back up to get there it was really narrow and had a ledge above it. So we started off with me lifting the beds up to my companion who was on the second floor ready to pull them up. The washer was where it started to get hard but really it wasn't too bad. We lifted it up then my companion sat there and held it while I ran to the second floor to pull it up. Then came the killer, the fridge. We took it to the bad and had a very awkward time getting it onto the staircase. We ended up have to put it on the railing and then push and pull it up the railing shouting 1 2 push, 1 2 push. We were sweating pretty good after that as the neighbors in front watched us. As we finally finished the neighbors in front were taking there big tank down from their house to wash it, and there weren't enough people there to catch it so we ran over there and helped them. When we left the grandma that was there chewed them out for just sitting there watching us sweat trying to get the fridge up to the second floor. Starving and thirsty we went to go and get food, but because it was late the comadores didn't have any food so we went and got some pico pollo, or fried chicken with French fries. It was a pretty clean place, but as the next day showed it wasn't as good as we thought. We weren't throwing up but we were both just a little sick to the stomach. Then we looked for the other missionaries and finished the move.

Carnival started on Sunday, and the carnival of Santiago is in our area. it is towards the top of the area but it is pretty crazy. On sunday some of the streets are closed and there is a lot of immodest clothing, even more so then usual, and lots of drinking. There are some cool things like the costumes that some of them wear but mostly it is just wickedness; And that is every Sunday for all of February. So that makes it harder to work because our whole area kind of goes crazy and there are tons of people in the streets and lots of drinking, so we have to be extra careful. Last Sunday after they officially finished for the night and opened up the roads we had to drive through it. There was a lot of garbage in the gutters mainly cups and bottles, and confetti all over the street. The streets were full of people and it was very slow going. We were driving through Babylon. We have also been contacting a little bit more trying to get a couple new investigators, we'll see how they go.

This next week we have a very busy week we have transfers which is normally a very busy week, but on top of that Elder Neil L. Anderson is coming to the DR. So that is going to be pretty cool, and also Elder Rasband or the seventy. The missionaries are going to have a meeting with Elder Rasband so that should be pretty cool and I hope to be able to see Elder Anderson in a stake conference or something, but I don't really know much yet.

Well it sounds like you guys have had a great week this week. Congratulations on making it to the tournament in basketball Tyler and for all the wins that you guys have won. I love you guys tons and hope that you are having a blast skiing this year with all the snow that it sounds like you guys are getting. I love you guys tons!

Con CariƱo

Elder Cannon

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