Thursday, January 3, 2013


Hola Familia

This week was pretty crazy so I will do my best to type it all out in a way so that you can understand.

First of all on Sunday we wen't down to teach a reference and to get there we crossed this little stream to a couple of houses that we up against the hill that was more like a wall. When we got there it started to downpour. We both had a bit of a cold and didn't want to get too wet. We were teaching for about 30 min and the water had risen. At about 40 min the little stream turned into a raising river and it took out the bridge that we crossed on. We finished the lesson and were trying to evaluate our options. It was getting dark and still raining really hard. The river was still raising really fast. There were a couple of cables that stretched across the river and the water level was almost up to the cables, which was the only other option to get to the other side. We then had to act fast. We rain over to the cables which were connected to some stumps. Wilmer and Ruben were with us and led us over there. We had to cross with one wire at our feet and one in our hands. Like the big fat rope that we had on the swing set that we could walk across, but the difference was the wire was really narrow it was almost dark in a down pour with a raging river underneath us. We had to cross about 12 feet to get to the other side. We were able to cross without any problems and then we got out of that area.

We found out latter that just a couple minute after we had crossed the wires broke. The water rose more then it had ever risen before and the houses that we were visiting were in danger. A less active heard that they were in danger and thought that we were down there still so he came running to help. He and a couple of neighbors got a latter and stretched it across the river to the other side and were getting people out of there. While they were taking little girl across the river a stump came down the river and slammed into the latter and threw the less active member and another man and the little girl in the water. The man and the little girl both died but the less active member what able to get out of it, before he got knocked out by branches and rocks or covered by garbage and couldn't do anything. So we were extremely lucky if we had waited any longer the water would have broken the wires and we would probably crossed on the latter. So that was a huge blessing.

The only down side was that when we got home I found the window above my bed were open and had got my bed pretty wet, luckily the mattress pad had soaked up most of it so I laid my blanket down on the matress and slept on that.

Wilmer got baptised on saturday, which was very special because Dani a convert that I taught and baptised was able to baptise his brother. It went well there was also another member that had turned 8 and was getting baptised so a good number of members showed up and support them. Also the member's mom bakes cakes so she brought this cake that was filled with a pineapple cream stuff that was really good.

The area is also really going great. We have seen miricles in the area. Less actives who didn't want anything to do with us are now reading and asking when we are going to come back. The members are also supporting us and we have found a couple new investigators that are interested and should progress so I was pretty good about staying here. All the members wanted us both to stay, even the branch president said that if we wanted he would call President Douglas and ask him to leave us both here, When Wenesday came we ended up staying together anyways.

Well it sounds like you guys had a very busy week with Joshua's birthday and the Patr. Blessings of Tyler and Rachael that is so neat and I hope that you all had a very spiritual experience. I am doing great and loving it. Don't forget the scripture Hunter 8:8........ "stuff thyself", and have a great Thanksgiving. Tell everyone that I tell them Buen Provecho. I love you all Tons!!

Con Amor

Elder Cannon

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