Thursday, January 3, 2013


This week was pretty awesome here in the DR.

So we met the new zone and there are a lot of dominicans that are in our zone now, there haven´t been hardly any americans coming into the mission and President told my companion to take advantage now so that he can learn some english because there aren´t going to be very many more americans coming in the next while.

This week we had a lesson, well it was more of visiting. We went to have a lesson with Pablo who tends to talk a lot. So we were just saying hello sitting down asking how things were going and he was telling us how his week went and then his cousin came in Juana, who we are also teaching and talks a lot. ¨And they were off Juana leading on the inside but wait she is being cut off by Pablo from the outside. It is Juana...Juana... Juana but Pablo takes his move and takes the lead.¨ It was really hard to understand. One would be telling a story which is fine and then the other was start a story in the middle of the first story and would try to take over the conversation. So the first would talk louder and so the second would talk louder. Then the second would try to head them off by touching their arm or shoulder or something. Then finally one of them would die out for a minute and let the other talk for a second and then before there was even a break the next one was off. We just sat there and when we tried to say anything it was like. ¨That is interesting but........¨ We ended up just having to leave because we had another appointment to go to. We did learn a lot more about La Yaguita about the people and how much drug exchange and stuff there is. there is a Fied chicken place that you can order the Complete and it comes with the drugs hidden in your chicken. It was pretty eye opening to hear about everything like that.

We had lesson with Arelis. She was a missionary for the Adventist Church and we went to teach her and we were planning on dropping her because she doesn´t read because she is so busy. We were telling her about reading the Book of Mormon. LIke usual she tried to tell us how we should teach her. She was explaining that if we wanted her to learn it then we were going to assign a couple chapters and she would read then we would discuss it in detail. She was very insistent. My companion was looking at me waiting for me to answer. We had discussed the same thing for like 10 and she still just wasn´t budging. I was about to just say ok, but it didn´t seem right, but I waited and then a thought came to my mind. Then I explained that her idea wouldn´t work because she doesn´t have a testimony and if we read it that way she wouldn´t take it as scripture and would only pick it and not believe it. I told her that that may have worked for her because she was teaching out of the bible and the people believe that it is scripture. I told her that the thing she needed to do was to read it and pray about it with real intent a sincere heart and with faith, and then I bore my tesitmony. The spirit was really strong and everyone was quite for a minute. Then her husband who is pretty funny just said he is pretty smart, you know that he is right. It was amazing to see that the scripture that you won´t be confounded before man. I was extremely grateful for the spirit that guided me in the lesson, and it strengthened my testimony.

I hope that you all have a great week this week! Work hard in school there are only a couple weeks left to go until Christmas Break. I love you all tons and hope that you have a great week!!

Con CariƱo

Elder Cannon

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