Thursday, February 16, 2012


Hola Familia,
I received the package you sent, and thank you for all the stuff. The pan that you sent was all bent up and at our house we have one like it only it is deeper and made of thicker material. I was able to find peanut butter at price smart for a good price and it lasts until we have another santiago p-day when we can go back and get more, but it will be good to eat this peanut butter. I really liked all of the stuff you sent and the letters that you wrote, I will try to respond to all of them in the coming weeks. Some stuff that would be nice if you could send with Braden are, home made cookies, chocolate, cheese-its, more music (with a variety insturments, the cd that you sent me was good but quiet I would like the david lanz orchestra version and maybe some other of Dad´s good insturmental stuff and then some of stuff with voice and isn´t morman tabernacle), munchies, and maybe some sunflower seeds, and what ever else you want to send. the lehi roller thing seems like a good idea I haven´t made it yet.
The meeting with Elder Bednar was just awesome! I was on the third row from the front so I had a really good view. When he came in the first thing I thought was wow he is so white, but that is just how people look like at home, is was just crazy to see the difference. the meeting was so intense.He didn´t waste a single word. He didn´t just get up there and speak to us it was more of a discussion about what we had learned from the talks that he wanted us to read and how we are applying what we have learned into our daily lives and how it has impacted our lives so that we change. After that we were able to ask him questions about things that we wanted to know. Also there was a member of the seventy that was with him. There were some alright questions. I couldn´t think of any questions that I wanted to ask. It is hard to discribe. He talked about so many different things, I can´t even begin to discribe it. I´ll just have to tell you in person when I get home, it was an amazing experience!
Jesus got baptised on saturday which was a great experience! It was interesting how he ended up being baptised, we asked one of the members here that is really strong to help. They did it in what I thought was an awkward way, and they had to do it twice. I was able to sit by him on Sunday when he received the Holy Ghost and he was really happy. It was a great experience! The work he is going fine. We have been trying to find more investigators because our area was split we lost half of our investigators, so we are trying to find more good investigators so we are contacting a bunch. There was this guy that was just enormous, huge arms and as we passed he was talking bad about us to his gang that was around him so then we went and contacted them, and that guy was embarraced it was pretty funny.
We have been really cleaning our house, because president is coming to check our houses this week and according to my companion this is the first time out of his entire mission that this has happened, and the zone leaders said that which ever house is the cleanest will get a microwave, but we are going to have to wait and see if that is true or just a joke to try to get us to clean our houses more. I hope that we get a microwave that would be nice.
I love you all! I hope that you have a great week!
Love Elder Cannon

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