Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Hola Familia
This transfer is looking like it is going to be a blast! but to answer the questions, the dot on my foot was a burn from cooking with oil and it spalshed onto my foot. Here are some things that I need I need a new umbrella mine broke, so just send a small one with braden when he comes. and I also need some white bottons for my shirts I have lost a couple of buttons so I thought it would be good to have some extras when I really need them.
I wanted to wish Amanda a very happy Birthday and I hope that she had a great time with Taylor that day.
So some crazy stuff that has happened this week. When I was cooking I was putting some platanos in some oil to cook them and some of the oil splashed over the edge into the flame and it burst into flames that reached up to the ceiling, it only lasted a second so it was really cool, but it could have been really bad. We got two new elders in our area and they seem like really cool guys. One of them is my companions old companion so he is really happy and he is a really funny guy. It is kind of sad because we had some really good investigators in that area and they are taking them now, but was long as they continue to progress then it will be ok.
Jesus told us that he has a testimony and we share the talk from boyd k packer in may 2005 ensign with him. He has a baptism date that hopefully he will be baptised that day. The baptism is going to be interesting because he can´t walk, but we´ll get it done. Sagrario is showing real progress. We talked about baptism last night and she said that she wanted to be more sure before she says yes to something like that, but she is feeling the spirit and going to church so she is doing great! WE went to see a recent convert and we knew that he was home and he wouldn´t open the door, which was really weird for him so we called his phone is rang and we heard it inside that then it was quiet and he turned his phone off, we waited and talked to the door, but he wouldn´t answer we are pretty worried about him we were there for 30 min trying to get him to open the door. We just hope that nothing bad has happened.
The house that we were going to move in fell through so now we are searching again to find a good house that we can move into. But it is going to be crazy the next couple of days because we have to show the new elders their area so we are going to be going on a lot of exchanges. Well I don´t have a ton of time but everything is going great here looking forward to this transfer it is going to be great, our zone got a bunch more awesome elders so it is going to be a blast! I´ll let you know how everything goes. I love you all and hope that you are having a great time. sorry it isn´t really long I was busy during email time. Enjoy this next week. I love you all!
Tell Scott and Cameron congratulations for me.
Love Elder Cannon

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