Thursday, February 9, 2012


Hola FamiliaThis week has been great! Jesus is finally getting baptised! He finished the Book of Mormon on monday and now we are going to go over there today and teach him more. His baptism is this Saturday so that is way exciting. On sunday he told his conversion story in church which was really cool to here. Aparently one of the misisonaries that are in the other part of Cien Fuegos contacted him when he was here before and he rejected them, but after talking about it with a member he wanted us to come back, and that just happened to be us and we had the opportunity to teach him.Something really funny that happened this week is when it was raining pretty good we went to teach a boy that lives at the bottom of these stairs that are basically cut into the dirtl, but when it is raining it is just clay muck. I started down the couple of stairs first and on the first stair I slipped and I didn´t fall, but I couldn´t slow down with each stair I was getting faster and faster. When I got to the bottom my feet where just slipping every step until I went down. I caught myself with my hand just before I hit the muck. My companion thought that that would be the end of those clothes, but I saved myself and didn´t even get any on my backpack or the straps to the backpack because of my long arms. It was pretty cool. Another thing that happened is after a really long day we were at a Colmado getting food and I was getting the food we needed two eggs (huevos) and I asked the guy for two Jueves (thursdays) my companion thought that was pretty funny and in a lesson a while ago I wanted to say that God is the same yesterday today and tomorrow (Dios es el mismo ayer hoy y mañana) but I said Dios es el mismo ayer hoy y en la mañana (God is the same yesterday today and in the morning). Those were pretty funny!This Transfer is awesome my zone is great my district is great and Bednar in coming!It was sad to see some of our investigators go to the other missionaries but they are still doing great and all is well. We are having an activity in the church tomorrow and we are going to watch the Joseph Smith movie, the same one that they show in the Joseph Smith building, that is going to be so awesome. I´m glad that I was able to go and watch that with Tyler when we went up to Salt Lake together. That was an awesome time! Hopefully a lot of our investigators show up to the activity. Everyday I see more and more of the hand of the Lord in this work helping us bear testimony, understand the language, having people feel the spirit, and just the protection that we have everyday is so great.We have been challenged to read the entire Book of Mormon in the next two transfers in spanish. Which is going to be difficult because I read slow in spanish and we have a lot of other stuff that we have to read and do in the time that we have. With my companion being district leader we also have a lot of meetings that we go to,. but it is going to be a great challenge!Well that is all the time that I have to write once agian Congratulations Rachael on your medallion, Tyler I hope that you are working toward getting your Silver, Joshua work hard in scouts, Allison learn all you can from dance. I love you all and hope that you have a great week!
Love Elder Cannon

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