Thursday, February 23, 2012


Hola Familia
This week has been great! It is slowly getting hotter, but it doesn´t rain very often in this area but it hasn´t hit the rain season yet. It is just hard because we have some places in our area that doesn´t really have any shade which makes it really hard, especially in the afternoon when it is really hot and it is hard to have investigators there when they say they will be.
We have another baptism for this weekend so we are pretty busy trying to make sure that everything is ready for that, It is a young man. His name is Luis Gomez and we have been teaching him for a while, at first he wasn´t very smart and would say that we read the same paragraph over and over but couldn´t remember anything. So we worked with him and had him look for questions about the paragraphs and he has gotten a lot better, and now he is telling us the things that he learns from what the people talk about in church and in his classes, so we are feeling a lot better about baptising him.
We are now teaching some of the members of the family of Jesus Cabrera and they seem pretty receptive so that is really good! We also had a reference given to us about a lady. I have visited her twice and they both happened to be on exchanges and she is really receptive. After reading about the Restoration she had a lot of questions about the Book of Mormon so we talked about that during that lesson and at the end I asked if she had any more questions and she said,¨I was baptised in the Catholic church and the Evangelical church, but according to this pamphlet they aren´t valid and I need to be baptised again?¨ It was awesome!
We have had two exchanges this week. One with Elder Cruz he is from the same group as me and is from mexico and we were friends in the MTC in the DR so we had a great time and worked really hard. And the other one was with Elder Olguin he has more time in the mission about 5 transfers and is also from mexico. We worked even harder. I really enjoy the exchanges it gives me a chance to run the area and then I get to learn about other ways to teach the gospel.
We eat at members house every once in a while. We have eaten at members house five times, so most of the time we are cooking in the house. We eat a lot of Rice beans salami sandwiches, oatmeal and cornmeal. We have chicken hot dogs and some ground beef. I have been trying to expand our eating more so we have pasta and potatoes and pasta, mix vegetables and fruits, we try to get apples and maybe beagels. So I think that we are eating pretty healthy and it tastes good too. I haven´t gotten sick with anything that, and I feel good so everything is going good.
During the house inspections President said that it was really clean but that he didn´t like the house. We have been searching for a while and found so houses that are alright and others that are good. Hopefully we move soon, but we don´t know when. Well I love you all and hope that you have a Great week. Adios
Elder Cannon

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