Wednesday, July 16, 2014


So this week has been pretty interesting.
First of all last week my group that i came out in the mission with left to go home, and I was able to go to the mission home and eat dinner with all of them. So it was a little weird to see them leaving and saying their goodbyes. I really wasn´t affected by it I came out here only ready to work even harder.
We went to teach a contact that we did that is a brother of a less active. While we were there a drunk guy came and wouldn´t leave. We were singing ¨come follow me¨ and he started to dance as you can imagine a drunk guy to dance, closing his eyes swinging his hips and waving his arms. My companion lost it at first when we both cracked on a high note he couldn´t hold it in anymore. I finished the verse but then i had to laugh. We had to reschedule because I couldn´t convince the drunk guy to go home and get his bible and leave us to teach the other guy.
We have been trying to expand a little more in our area that we are working and try to get to more people. We went up to this are and were contacting and we found two less actives and one of them her family isn´t members. There are active members that live right in front of them and have been trying to introduce the message to them. They tried with the sister missionaries but they weren´t really taking it serious but they think that with us her husband will be more willing to pay attention. So that was great that we were actually able to get a good foot hold in that area to help us keep up the work out there. It is about an hour’s walk away for our house and we were walking back to the main area were we teach and we were trying to contact. Nobody was home. I turned and saw the rain so we started to try to contact more frantically. We finally found someone and they invited us in. As soon as we were in, the rain came down so hard we couldn´t even hear the people so they just gave us a chair to sit in. We had to leave anyways because we had an appointment. It was really good that we left because the streets were rivers and the deepest was when we tried to jump a part and i landed and it came up about mid calf. The lightning was incredible. there was just so much. 
The work is really started to show progress. This week i had to talk in church and the stake president came and they had called a new high counsilor to be over the branch. So they are giving us a lot more support and this week some less actives that are really strong members when they were active came to church, and all the members were really happy to see them. That was great so things are starting to come around.
Well i love you guys and hope that the new driveway looks good and that you can get that done with really soon! Keep up the great week and I´ll talk to you next week. I love you tons!

con cariƱo Elder Cannon

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