Wednesday, July 16, 2014


This week has been pretty interesting.
Today we went with a member here in the ward Miguel into the mountains to go hiking. So we started off at 7:30 with our backpacks packed with food and water and headed towards the mountains. He took us up this trail that runs by a river bed and was dry and first and then by the top had lots of water. Then we turned up this other little river bed and went up there for a while. He showed us all the crabs and things that there were under the rocks and things. Then we got to this little water fall thing and we had to crawl up that which was really fun. It was really rain foresty up there with lots of plants and vines and things which was good because that really helped up while we were climbing up the water slide things. We kept walking up further and ran into two more of those and had to climb up those because there was no way that we were going to be able to go back down. Then we hiked way the heck up there to this tiny school that was there at the end of this never ending hill that just kept going and going and going. It was really hot and we were sweating a lot. We got up there and ate a quick lunch of sandwiches and juice that we had brought. We took some photos and then headed back down. On the way down we saw two little snakes. We didn´t get home until after 2 in the afternoon, but it was really fun.
This week has been interesting with the work. We finally got a list from the branch of all the members so we sat down with one of the oldest members in the branch and asked where they all lived because the list isn’t very good about describing where they all live. So we have been going around and trying to find all the less actives. We have been walking around a bunch and as of now we have found one and the house of another. Then we found two that aren´t on the list. One stopped us a while ago and told us that he is a member but we thought that he lived somewhere else, and this week we were able to find where he lives. Then while we were walking through the poor Haitian village that is in our area and there was a big group of guys there talking creol and out of the middle a guy said in very bad English, so bad that my companion didn´t even understand, ¨come here¨ so we went over there and he told us that he is member and had moved back here from Haiti but hasn´t been able to go to church because of his work. It is going great and now it isn´t as sketchy going through that area, because we have started an English class here and at first it wasn´t going very good, but now we have had 17 last week and this week we had 18. There have been a lot of Haitians there and so now when we are walking through there every now and again we see some of them and they are very nice to us and say ¨hey Profes¨
Well other things have been happening this week. On Saturday on the way to the English class we went by a house of a lady that is in active and is going to another church. We went by and walked with her to the English class because it can be dangerous down there, and then on Sunday her sister and her showed up at church with their kids. It was really awesome, we were really happy about that. 
This week has been a little bit difficult because the people that we are working with and some of the other people have been having pretty serious couple problems and we have been trying to work with that. It is hard because when we are seeing more progress in the branch and with the area, and then what we thought was going pretty well takes a bad turn. So that is going to be something that we are going to be working with this week.
Well I love you all tons and hope that you guys have a great Halloween tomorrow! I hope that you sent some pictures of your costumes. Love you tons and talk to you next week!
Con CariƱo 

Elder Hunter Cannon

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