Wednesday, July 16, 2014


So this week we got some bad news. Our neighbor told us that we aren´t going to have water for a month, so we better save the water that we had. All we had was a tank with about 25 gallons in it and so we quickly filled up our little washer with water as well. But we don´t really know what we are going to do. We figured that we are going to have to buy food and eat just sandwiches and stuff as for showering and washing clothes. We found a way to wash clothes by going to the church and using the water there, but showers are going to be spit baths or something and a bucket shower ever couple of days, but we are trying to figure out a way to get water.
Well other than that this week we had the day of service and we went to the cemetery that is right next to our house to clean it up and pick up garbage. There was a lot of garbage out there. It was pretty interesting while we were there the cemetery manager came over and started to talk to me and the older guy that I was with and showed us some things in the cemetery that I never would have known. He showed us the place where people go in there and do witchcraft and burn things and do crazy things, and we can see right by there from our window in our house. Also he showed us the holy hole. That is where they throw all the bones from the really old graves. It was really nasty there were sacks and sacks in there and then the last one was open slightly and there was a skull there that I could see, just the top but it was pretty nuts.

This week in the search for more less actives we found some more and they have been really open to the message. He asked us if we really wanted him to come back to church and we said of course. It was really sad because I looked like he was really touched my that. He is the type of guy that nobody would have really noticed in church and he may have just slipped away and nobody noticed or something. He eyes got all watery and I really hope that this Sunday he comes. He said that he is going to come.

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