Wednesday, July 16, 2014


This week has been an interesting week.
First of all we haven´t had water for the past couple of days which has been super uncomfortable, we had a little bit of water in a tank, so when we get home all sweaty and nasty we were at least able to wipe off a little with a wash cloth before crawling into bed and sleeping. So we had to buy some food because all the dishes were dirty and we were able to wash them. We found out yesterday why we weren´t getting water. When they scrapped the road to flatten it again after we had a huge rain storm they broke our water pipe and never told us. So everyone in our apartment building didn´t have water either, so they were all trying to fix the pipe so we stopped and helped them get the water pipe fixed, which was lucky because the water came back that night, but now the water pump isn´t working and so the water can´t be pumped up to the tank on the top of the house so that we have running water. So we have to carry the water up with buckets.
This week our English class really took off. The last couple of weeks we just had 2 people every week, but this week 17 people showed up and they are really excited about learning English. I taught the majority of it and it went really good, we hope that we can get some references and introduce some of the people into the church.
This week also this awesome guy can to church. He is less active and hasn´t been to church for a long time. He has elephantitus and is super humble and loving and spiritual. One day he ask me what I would do if people tried to nail my hands into a post, and then he said he would probably try to hit someone, but the savior let them nail his hands to the cross. It was great.
Well I have to go now I love you all and hope that you guys have a great week getting ready for Halloween and getting your costumes ready. I think that I am going to dress up as a modern day Captain Moroni...(aka the missionary me) Jk. Well Love you tons!!
Con cariño

Elder Cannon

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