Wednesday, July 16, 2014


What an incredible week.
This week has been incredible hot. It looks like it is going to rain everyday so it gets really humid and hot and then it hasn´t rained so that makes it a bit harder. 
Conference was great we were able to get all the arrangements to watch it in English so we were able to do that. I really enjoyed conference, I received a lot of things that i need to work on. One of my favorite of the many was by Ulises Soares about being meek and humble. It was awesome and went well with some of the things that i have been studying this past week. Over all it was great and when we went to the priesthood session. Because we are in the zone where I started the mission I was able to see a lot of people from my first area and the converts so that was great. I really enjoyed that.
So this past week we went to an investigator that we are teaching and he really wants to change and stop drinking but he just falls into temptations. So we were teaching him and trying to help him overcome this addiction. So this weekend we were a bit worried because we really wanted him to come to conference, but on the way there are a lot of temptations. We have been praying to strengthen him and allow him to stay away from the temptations. This weekend his wife had to go to Santiago because one of her family members was sick and then just the weekend their daughter got sick, and it was just sick enough where he had to stay home with her. It wasn´t exactly what we were thinking but he didn´t Drink and is doing better. It was a miracle.
Then we have been teaching a weird man the only real way that I can describe him is a giggly guy, so you can imagine that this guy is a bit weird. He is a less active and has a lot of problems and he hasn´t done much since we have been teaching him but we feel like we should keep passing by. He has slowly been getting more serious every visit that we do. This last lesson he was a bit giggly. We were talking about the word of wisdom and my companion finally was just sick of him not taking it seriously. So he said for just a moment forget about the spiritual side and think of just the physical. If you don´t stop this you are going to die before it is your time. It was really funny. I was think trying to feel what we really needed to tell him, and he noticed that i was pondering and asked what i was thinking about. So i told him and it really brought the spirit and he felt it and he even got tears in his eyes and changed from being so giggly and really thinking. It was pretty incredible.
Today we didn´t have milk so we were going to walk down to the Colmado and buy milk and as soon as we left the house. I stepped and a piece of glass went through my sandal and cut my foot it was so stupid. So we had to go back home milkless and call delivery. It wasn´t a bad cut so that was lucky.
Well I hope that you guys are all going great and getting ready for Halloween. I love you tons! Talk to you next week.
Con CariƱo

Elder Cannon

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