Wednesday, July 16, 2014


This week has been awesome.
First of all this week we did some service for a new member here and we started to dig a black water hole in there yard for the house that they are building now. We dug for about 2 1/2 and we only got about 3 feet down. She lives in a place called ¨The Rock and we found out why there were so many rocks there that it was hard to dig. We were sweating so much that we had sweat drops running down our arms and faces and legs. It was so hot, but we didn´t burn because we took turns, but by the end we were really tired because it was just the two of us.
That day also Omar and Carolina were married. They were the couple that i was teaching while I was in the office and then there was an accident after I left the office and their house burnt down and killed their three kids. It has been really hard for them, but this week they were finally able to get married, and they were able to get married here in Villa Gonzalez so I was able to go down there and get pictures and congratulate them it was great to see them and to at least support them because it has been really hard and it has been hard to cope with the pain. I just hope that they prepare well for her baptism and that they don´t just do it to get it done.
Everything has been going alright. This week we worked hard and have been seeing some progress. There is a less active guy that usually treats our lessons like a joke and so one day i told him straight up some pretty hard things and he started to be more serious and open up a little more to us. He has a lot of problems but is starting to actually show some interest and some motivation. So we will see how it goes. He acts a lot better when he is alone when we teach him because he likes to jokes with the other people who are there. He told me that everything goes ¨step by step¨ and that was the day that he was just joking around a lot, and I told him straight up that he was using that as an excuse just to get rid of us and that I wasn´t going to take it, and he has never forgotten it.
I love you guys tons and hope that you guys have a great week this coming week!
Con CariƱo

Elder Cannon

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