Wednesday, July 16, 2014

11/13/2013 Final Letter

This week has been a really great week so far!
I have been in a lot of doctors’ offices trying to figure out what this rash is and they made me do a bunch of tests to check to make sure that it wasn´t something more serious. So they tested my blood and pee and poop. They told me that i don´t have anything in my system and that i am parasite free. I just had a bacterial infection, but it is pretty much healed. It was a little awkward at the return visit but i´ll tell you about that next week.
This week we have been teaching a lot of people and I have really felt the spirit guiding our lessons. We have been teaching a lawyer here and he is really serious with us, but he hasn´t prayed about the message partly because he is catholic and does memorized prayers. So this week we had a lesson about prayer and why it is so important for him to pray and really know if the message is true. It was great because normally when we talk about those sort of things he interupts more and explains how he is catholic. This week was different I started to talk about why prayer is so important and he was quiet and just taking it all in. The spirit was really strong and at the end he said ok i understand I will pray this week. It was great!
We also have been contacting and this week we ran into one of our english students who really likes us and we found out where he lives and shared a message with him. He told us that he is just so happy that we shared that with him. He just seems to ask all the right questions and give all the right answers to our questions. He is Haitain and is really smart. He seems to be a golden contact. At those moments I really wish I were staying to help them and see how they progress.
This week there has been an explosion of disobedience in the mission and tomorrow we have a zone conference and I think that they are going to be a lot stricter on the rules and stuff. It is sad to see that the last little bit of my mission.
This week also Carolina got baptised this week. I asked permission to go back to my old area and see the baptism. When i walked in the church she started to jump up and down saying he came he came, and then she was about to give me a hug but then remembered and shook my hand. They were really happy to be baptised. She is a pretty big lady and the guy doing the baptism just about fell over into the wall trying to get her up which was hilarious. They said if they guy, their exbishop hadn´t showed up i would have done the baptism, but it was a great experience!
Well I can´t believe that this in the last time that i will write you guys! I hope that you guys have a great week I am excited to see you all! Love you guys and talk to you next thursday!
Con todo mi amor

Elder Cannon

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